WARNING! WARNING! – how to not snap the brew group screw even if it seems impossibly tight.

Do not break the brew head screw off? – ever!

If you already have then I’ll put it simply. You are in a world of pain.

So what am I talking about. Well if you own a Breville coffee machine. You should have noted that you have a hex screw that attaches the shower screen to the block. It also happens to hold the inner shower screen in place. Now there are two occurrences that will eventually mean you need to remove this screw. You can not avoid it forever.

1. You will accumulate coffee grounds behind the shower screen. See the photo below, this belonged to a very bad customer of mine. When it gets this bad the coffee tastes a little burnt and eventually your flow rate is effected. I’m sure you will agree, this is a bad.

2. Or the inner shower screen will break and will need to be replaced. Get a new one now! before the world runs out!

So you see you need to be able to get it out, butvwhat do you do when you really need to get the screw out and it won’t move?
Firstly never force it, you are probably yanking it in the wrong direction anyway. If it won’t move try flushing hot water through the brew group, This does help. But if its still stuck and you are wisely nervous about going crazy on it, then we need to use an old trick the Russian taught me. All the pros know this trick. However its not without sacrifice. Just like defending Stalingrad or shutting down the reactor at Chernobyl, the Russian solution involves sacrifice, in this case it’s just a shower screen, not you acting as human shield. But you will need a new one. But its better than breaking the screw off, yes or Neyt.

Right, look at the photos carefully, because there are only 4, but you will get the idea. I could not photograph me doing it, that’s impossible. But what you are going to do, is bend the shower screen over the screw and use it to turn the screw. Now you are probably thinking why is this any better than forcing it. Well firstly most people have stripped the screw hex head by this point anyway. They were the lucky ones. But trust me a tight screw will be easier to remove via this method. I think the shower screen acts as a compression spring holding it. However if the screw in your block is corroded then use some CRC or something and if its very corroded in the block with scale etc, well skip this step and get a new block, you are snookered. Look at the photos and formulate your plan. Dont blame me if you break the screw, Im just trying to help and its worked for me many times, especially if as I suspect you have already stripped the screw. I never said it would be easy!

Start by bending up one half of the shower screen
Then bend the other side up
Then go crazy on it so you can grip it with pliers. For all the Germans reading this, that’s a joke, don’t really go crazy on it, nice and gentle like milking your cows in Bavaria
Look, see it works – I told you it would. If doesn’t I still sold a block. No it will work, anyway if you snap the screw you were going to break it off anyway. At least this way you gave it your best shot. Some variation of this will work.

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