We repair Domestic Coffee Machines at our North Lakes Workshop (8.30 to 4.30 weekdays). We require your machine to be dropped into our shop so our Technicians can make an informed quotation. Please book you machine in before attempting to bring it to us, as we have limited space to put it.

We stock parts and have expertise in the Repair of the following coffee machines ; Breville, Lelit, CIME, Quickmill, Bezzera, Jura, Rocket, ECM, Wega, Giotto, Expobar and 969.

We do not repair Delonghi, Sunbeam, Saeco. We may also reject some machines more than 6 years old or that we know are not worth repairing. We do this to save you money in the long run.

It is very important that you make an informed decision about repairing vs replacing. And we will provide you with an informed quotation before we repair your machine. My Technicians put the machine on the bench and open it and test it. Often a minor repair and service is all that is required, other times older machines may have blocked valves, old pumps and elements that fail testing. In this case we often advise against repair.

We cap our service costs at 3 hours labour ($80/hour) plus parts, so we  guarantee that we will beat most alternative quotations. Most repair costs range from $125 to $300. However if you decide not to go ahead with a repair we charge a $45 quote fee, to cover our time in making the assessment.

Call us to discuss your machine. 07 3491 9805 or text the workshop 041 6 838 560. Please note in these troubled times we have been very busy and may not be able to answer the phone, so please leave a message. Our current turn around is 7 to 10 days. Texts will get answered.

Please Complete the form below or contact us at our office to arrange a service.  Please note we have a ZERO Cockroach policy. If we open the machine and multiple creatures jump out we bag it and ask you to come get it, not the cockroach, your machine. I have become an expert on cockroaches and we have eliminated them from our work shop and constantly bait and trap, so we try to avoid re-invasions. They love to live in nice warm coffee machines, eating the soft rubber and pooing. We need them gone before we store your machine here. We aim not to share cockroaches between customers.

Our repairs carry a 3 month warranty on parts and labour. This might not sound like long, but it allows you to be satisfied we have resolved the issues. Our returns on repairs are less than 2 percent. We repair over a thousand coffee machines a year so we are getting pretty good at it. We aim is to have happy customers and meet your expectations.

Finally I will add, it’s a race to the bottom on most consumer electronics these days, components are getting cheaper and many appliances last only the length of their warranty. Coffee machines are no exception. They are sophisticated pieces of machinery that for so many of our customers, their happiness is reliant on. Mixing electricity and water, what could go wrong. Come and talk to your local coffee machine repairer/supplier about your coffee machine needs first not the big box store. A coffee machine is only as good as the back up service. Always enquire about the plan for service when you purchase a coffee machine.


Stephen Rodda
Chief Technician

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