This is a good question and the short answer is yes. But here is the long answer. if you own a BES 870,BES878 or a BES 980 or a BES 990, that is if you have a Breville coffee machine with a built in grinder. You will start to notice as the machine get older its harder to achieve a satisfactory extraction. And this is obviously because the blades are blunter and the coffee grind does not yield a fine particle but rather a crushed coarse coffee particle which does not yield a nice extraction. Blunt blades mean a slow grind and eventually the blades lock up as you attempt to get the particle size smaller by setting the blades closer.

On a commercial grinder replacing the blades makes a huge difference to the coffee extraction, so its a no brainer, but does this apply to a Breville grinder with a piddly little motor with brushes. Well today I had an Oracle BES 980 come in with a customer complaint that it lacked pressure and crema and the grinder was slow and noisy and faulty. I tested it and sure enough all of these things were true but the grinder motor seemed ok but the grind consistency was terrible and even on the finest setting with the blades adjusted it struggled to produce a nice extraction. The grind particles looked too coarse and they were. So here was a candidate for a grinder blade transplant. The cup count was 7992.

Below I will describe how I changed the blades, specifically how ridiculously easy it was and how fantastic the results were and then I am going to try and sell you a set of grinder blades. So lets begin

1. You don’t need to open the lid of your machine. But you will need a set of new grinder blades and to remove the hopper.
2. Suck out the beans, yes with a vacuum cleaner.
3. Remove the inner Burr and vacuum out the fine particles. Do a good job here.
4. Remove the nut and washers and then remove the inner Burr. Remember its reverse thread and you will need to wedge the blade to stop it turning.
5. With the blade removed give it another clean with the vac.
6. Install the shiny new sharp blade. Its’s obvious how it fits in. Put the nut and washer back on.
7. Remove the outer Burr from the housing. Its easy, it pops out.
8. see , it’s out. Now put the new shiny sharp one in.
9. I lube the outer Burr Housing so its easy to get out again, but that’s just me. Now put it back in and we are done.
wow look at the grind, you can smell it can’t you. The first thing you notice with a nice set of new grinder blades is the smell of beautiful coffee again. You dont get that with a Pod now do you!
And the result and this is with my stale old Aldi Beans, there is nothing wrong with Aldi beans by the way.

I am very happy with the results of changing the grinder blades. I was concerned that after 7k cups the grinder motor would have been a contributing factor in the crap grind quality, but in this case the change of blades really have made this machine great again. It was a twenty minute job and well worth the $50. Just do it!


ok Breville have different types of grinder blades in use for the SAME MODEL! – Ive read on other forums that you can mix and match, nope not true. I will note on the blades that I have for sale THE PDC (Production date code?). Please see this helpful article on dating your machine. I will also measure the blades. There are basically 2 different sets in use. They look very different. Pls not I have a generic blade that I get from China that is cheaper. So perhaps best to measure your blades and run it past us before ordering. Because we will assume you know what you are ordering.

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