THE BREVILLE 870 FLOW ISSUE – it will happen to you?

I get a lot of calls from Breville 870 owners all with the same problem. I’m referring to their coffee machine problems not all their other issues. I see too many in the workshop, 870 coffee machines that is, not crazy owners, all with the same issue. It’s not a fatal flaw, as you can fix it yourself and it should not stop you buying one because the BES 870 makes a surprisingly good coffee, for such a cheap machine. But they all suffer the same issue with coffee water flow. Yes it will happen to you one day no coffee will come out when you push the button. You may have steam and you may have hot water. But just like the man who invented the engine that runs on water, I will offend very powerful people if I give you the solution to this one.

I need to think about this carefully before I post the solution. I may or may not be back when I have some photos. Until then ponder this. You could run your car on water! And purchase a new set of valves, see below. They’re on special.

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