The machine fails to complete the heating up sequence. It hangs on about 72 degrees. It produces steam ok but fails to heat. An amp meter shows the machine drawring reduced amps 5.9A, this tells me the problem is the coffee boiler. But I already knew the answer. There is a third element but its not involved in this issue.

Open the lid (4 screws, 2 under the front and 2 security T125 screws on the rear panel) Now remove the front panel (just 2 screws) and you can then access the main thermal fuse on the coffee boiler.

The thermal fuse is housed in a white sleeve on the left hand side of the coffee boiler. Follow the wire from the left hand element connector. No not the resettable thermostat on the right hand side that is being pointed at. Thats probably not faulty.

A voltage test before the fuse shows 240V, but after the fuse no volts. The fuse is the issue. Replace the fuse with this one, it trips at 133 C degrees.

However, this is not the end of the story. A thermal fuse should only trip for a good reason, usually it has just done its job of protecting the element. The boiler has gone over temp for some reason and the fuse has tripped. In coffee machines I usually suspect a Triac locked on or a boiler RUNNING dry.

If you have tried to save money and just purchased a new thermal fuse for your coffee boiler and you have now replaced the thermal fuse and turned your machine on this next message is for you. DANGER _ DANGER _ DANGER.
You are about to blow up the new thermal fuse that you waited 2 weeks for and I am not out of stock on. I hear the words of the old Russian technician I used to work with. “NYET just the thermal fuse”

I’ll put money on it that your triac board has a failed component that is locking on voltage to the coffee boiler. If you dont believe me, that’s ok. Carry on but monitor that boiler as it may over heat again. Or just order a new Triac board, if you dont need it now you will at some time in the future.

Yes this guide is applicable to the BES 900/920 and 990.


  • You link to SP0001772 (Triac PCB Assembly 900/920) concerning a “BES 980” (in title).
    The correct part for BES980 links to Part SP0001790 BES 980 Triac Assembly

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