This machine was brought into the workshop with the customer complaining that it would not make milk beverages. When cappccinno or other milk benverage was selected, it just displayed the Heating Flag for a few seconds, then went back to Ready, without doing anything. Very frustrating.

Ok the first thing noted was the Hot water was also not working. And also the machine was not asking for the Hot water spout or Milk Jug to be inserted. That’s odd. When I measured the voltage being applied to the Flash Boiler it was only 170V. What’s wrong?

Ok after metering the Steam Thermoblock to make sure its all ok and the thermal fuses, I pulled the front panel off and had a look at the switches that detect the presence of the milk jug and Hot Water Spout, The rear switch detects the Spout and it was covered in old milk crap. It metered ok but I suspect it was leaking. The switch should be normally closed and then go open when the spout is inserted. So room for problems there. I replaced the switch and it was all systems go. 230V to the flash boiler and the machine was asking for the jug or spout.

Note these machines on the boot up cycle pull 5.6A during the first heating phase, then run a rinse and then switch around 4.6A as it brings the Flash boiler to temperature.

Sent to me By Brad from Sydney – DIY Delonghi Technician

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