As with many of the Delonghi parts, specifications change. And an important change to take note of is the Delonghi thermoblock. On the older machines, the outlet pipes are 6mm, on the new machines the outlet pipe is 5mm. See the picture below.

The old Delonghi Thermoblock on the right (6mm) and the new one on the left (5mm).

Now you might be thinking, so what why is he telling me this. Because if you have an older machine and you try and fit the new 5mm thermoblock, its’s going to leak as you have the adapters for the wider pipe. You’ll probably phone me and say ‘you sold me the wrong part’. Well there is only the new thermoblock now, but do not fear, I also stock the new 5mm adapters.

So please check which thermoblock you are replacing and if it’s the older style, purchase the adapters as well. Note in the photo below. The thermoblocks are stamped on the top in the middle with the diameter of the pipe. Yes it’s unlike Italians to make things easy, but they have.

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