Ok, I am revisiting an issue I have dealt with before but with another model. I am documenting this case as we got a lot of debate as to what causes the issue. One blogger(another Russian and they know their stuff) on my last post on this issue stated “Nyet it’s always the hall sensor that counts rotations of the cam shaft”, always he said with great authority. Well not really but I respect Russians, they are good engineers and technicians. Apparently I was wrong, which In the article as I had claimed it was the board, well I am telling now it can be both!

So lets see. This machine came in with the issue as described.

Throws up insert infuser assembly, even if installed. It then runs the infuser to the top and stops with a General Alarm. I then used my bench power supply to run the infuser down so I could remove it. Once removed the machine can be turned off and it attempts to park the infuser, it parts the cradle in the wrong position.

  1. I did nothing went straight to a board replacement.
    Result was the same issue with the added bonus that it now crunched the infuser against the top switch and kept on trucking. This is not good. You have to kill the power to it in a hurry.
  2. Ok because I am lazy and an optimist. I changed the switch at the top of the transmission just in case it was faulty. This changed nothing. Same crunching of the brew unit into the top switch and incorrect positioning of the infuser.
  3. I removed the new board and installed the original board and resigned myself to my fate. The Russians are right, at least in this case and the reed switch or the magents on the transmission cog are at fault. This is a shit of a job, well I have now had plenty of practice thanks to this machine, but its a bit of a mission to remove the complete transmission. I have added some photos below to give you some tips. Otherwsie there has to be a video on YouTube describing the procedure. Its not possible to just remove the reed switch without taking the transmission out. Anyway I replaced the transmission, complete with the cog (magnets) and reed switch. So I now had the original board and a new transmission, magnets and reed switch.
    What was the result? – the same fault “Insert infuser assembly”. Now an admission, but it had nothing to do with the outcome. I got the replacement transmission out of my scrap bin. But it was enough to put doubt in my mind. Was the new transmission from my junk pile faulty?
  4. As I did not have a new transmission in stock, I decided to just replace the Reed Switch on the old transmission and reinstall it. Do you see why I am getting quicker at doing this, practise makes perfect. Its not such an ordeal the second time. Anyway so I now have original board, original transmission and magnets and a new Reed Switch. Dadada – “Insert Infuser Assembly” – Now I was actually thinking the magnets or a harness or some other shit. If only I had used a brand new transmission, I would not have this doubt. So what to do. Then I heard a voice it said?
  5. Change the board, “what again” yeah do it. And I did. So now I have new board, new reed switch, original transmission and magnets. Boom, it did what it’s meant to do, positioned the infuser correctly and said “Select Beverage” and I did.

So I’ll let you take what ever lesson you will. I am just telling you what happened. The Russians don’t know everything, maybe Gremlins were involved but I’m sticking to my line. It’s not always the board, but it usually is. Photos below should help identify the parts I am referring to.

Not This Again!
The Transmission is hiding in there somewhere!
Removing the transmission
Don’t forget this screw
New and old Transmission – not the Hall Sensor, this is sometimes the cause of the issue
Replacing the Hall Sensor is easy once the transmission is out


  • For those looking for solutions to this “insert infuser assembly” error, on the machine I repaired, after checking the switches and the hall effect sensor, I had to first clean the Valve Infuser Piston at the top of the machine: it’s this part that pushes on the upper switch when the Infuser is pushed at the top position. In my case, the valve was blocked and could not reach the position where the microswitch is activated.

    But then I also had to reset the encoder for the error to disappear.

    See this service note:

    The procedure to do so depends on the model. I have found this service note for various older ESAM and ECAM models:

    And this one for the ECAM 350.35:

  • The instructions from dourdda are spot on. After spending days and reading all kinds of posts and videos, before ending up spending a lot more money on power boards, hall sensors, the trick is to reset the machine’s height calibration using the resetting the encoder using the links mentioned.

    • Hello, that’s exactly what they told me they did to service. They reset the encoder. Now I have no more problems. If I had seen this post then, I probably would have solved the problem without going into service. Thanks!

  • What is resetting the encoder procedure on this model : Delonghi Ecam25462s ? I cannot find a similar machine in the PDF links you have posted ?

  • Trouble with the DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.SB
    Magnifica S.Trouble with the
    Infuser “ triangle of doom “.Intermittent fault . Will replacing the infuser solve the issue or is more likely a power board issue as I’ve read in your posts?

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