Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive – Insert Water Spout Issue.

“But I have inserted the %$#@&*$”water spout – Stop right there. I have some more bad news for you.
This seemingly small problem is often a big problem. As the next time your machine needs a descale or if the Flow Flag comes up, your going to be stuck!

I am going to be very brief in my solutions. Here’s what I’ve found.

  1. On some models the water spout can warp and physically not engage the micro switches. Check the water spout first. With a lot of difficulty you may be able to manually depress the micro switched and get the machine to detect the water spout. This is common in the ESAM 6900’s
    Find a new delonghi water spout here
  2. Check the switches, below the coupling which detects the presense of the milk jug or spout. These get very grotty with stale old milk and often short or physically don’t engage. replace them anyway, again we stock Delonghi Micro Switches here
  3. If you have reached this point with no luck, heres the news you were expecting. This is another annoyingly famous Delonghi Board fault. I don’t know what or where, but your solution involves replacing the control board. Find a Delonghi control board here.
    If you do know what causes this issue on the Delonghi Board, please let us know.

Thats the issue explained, did I mention sometimes you just wiggle it and it works, oh you tried that, anyway wiggle it harder before you give up.

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