DeLonghi ESAM 5450 lacking its Mojo!

The DeLonghi ESAM 5450 is a semi automatic machine with a single thermoblock. Its actually a good little machine with plenty of mojo, if you prefer frothing your own milk. Anyway one turned up in the workshop the other day with the flowing issues and no mojo;

variable coffee shot temp from about 65 to 75 degrees, a little on the cold side for a DeLonghi
lack of steam power and steam seemed very wet
slow to heat up when first turned on

The machine still had nice sharp grinder blades so well worth fixing. The symptoms were indicating some sort of heating issue. perhaps its not switching on the elements as it should. This thermoblock has twin elements in a single thermoblock.
I put it on a Wattmeter and the problem became apparent, the machine was running at just over 600W. This is about half the power consumption we would expect. Its good for conserving electricity but not so great for hot coffee or steam production.

On opening it up I found the top element open circuit, zero ohms instead of 86. So there is the issue. Only one element.

So why am I telling you this. Because before you even open your machine, a wattmeter can tell you that an element is dead. And a failed element is not going to jump out at you as these single boiler machines, if one element is still going the machine will boot up normally and work ok. Just slower and as my customer said, it just seems to have lost its mojo. Also if you put you hand in front of the steam and it gets wet, its likely the steam boiler is not reaching a high enough temperature.

testing a delonghi coffee machine element

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