DeLonghi Magnifica General Alarm on Turn On

The good old magnifier ESAM 3200.S.B came into the shop with the general alarm, this is the 2 cup lights steadily on and the triangle light also steadily on. Other than the lights, the other obvious problem was that the machine failed to position the brew unit when first powered up. Well more to the point it failed to do anything. Positioning the brew unit is the first action delonghi machine takes when powered up. I heard nothing but silence, and thought to myself, I’m being an oxymoron.

magnifica error

Anyway next step check the voltage coming from the main board to the motor control board while the machine was being turned on, no I’m not exciting the machine I’m powering it on and off. This is when we would expect the controller to send voltage to the brew unit motor as its the first action in the boot sequence. See the photo below. I saw nothing. Thats like hearing nothing, I am an Oxymoron. But I did see something on my volt meter, no voltage.

no voltage

Ok so its on the main power board, but it was not to be quite that simple. I pulled out the power board and could not find a fault on either of the relays. But I happened to have a spare board so I installed this and repeated the process. This time on power up, I clearly heard the relays click and I clearly saw voltage, 100+AC on my volt meter.

But guess what still no brew unit movement. So the motor or motor control board also has an issue. Not unexpected I guess. I checked the voltage coming from the motor control board to the motor, it was switching between +313V DC and -313V DC. What I hear you say, thats high. Yes but that is completely normal.
I also metered the motor, it was all over the place ranging from 33 ohms to 99 ohms. A good motor is 260 ohms approximately.

I then found a new known good motor and connected it up as shown below. Yeah what could go wrong with that set up. Anyway this time action on power up. The motor was good to go.

delonghi brew motor

So in conclusion, a stuck brew unit (called an infuser or diffuser by Delonghi) had probably caused a motor failure which has taken something out on the board. I will find out what to assist with board repairs.

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