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“Bought my Breville Bambino Plus (BES500) August 2019, all working fine, till now. Recently, every time I turn ON the machine, the 1 cup and 2 cup light flashing alternately. See video demonstration here. Based on the user manual, it’s time to perform the cleaning cycle (back flush).

According to the user manual, I need to press and hold the 1 cup + 2 cup button, for 5 seconds, to enter the cleaning cycle mode. However, the same button sequence, is to program the 1/2 cup volume. I can’t seems to enter the cleaning cycle mode.

Anyone has a Bambino Plus done a cleaning cycle before?”

packbace on 13/02/2020 – 15:33

Press and hold the 1 CUP and 2 CUP buttons for 5 seconds to enter the cleaning cycle mode.

Programming volume is 2 seconds. Obviously the machine knows which is which

  • ausdday on 14/02/2020 – 14:33The problem is it’s not so obvious. I tried following the user manual and it didnt work. I googled the problem and a few people actually having difficulty entering cleaning cycle as well.Just trying my luck here to see anyone here done it before.
    • spackbace on 14/02/2020 – 14:37It’s definitely not flashing the steam light as well, indicating a descale, not clean, is needed?
      • ausdday on 14/02/2020 – 14:52No, definitely 1-cup and 2-cup lights flashing alternately
      • ausdday on 14/02/2020 – 15:28They had a video showing how to perform cleaning cycle, and they removed it because people are complaining it’s misleading.
    • JaxSantiago on 25/05/2020 – 17:24Having the same issue. Both 1 and 2 Cup buttons are flashing alternately (all the steam related lights are off).Did the Cleaning Cycle as per manual by pressing and holding the 1 and 2 Cup buttons (at the same time). Both buttons flashed then remained steady (lit). Pressed 1 cup button and the machine did something. Unlike the video shared you shared though, none of the water flowed down the group head. To me this makes sense coz the cleaning disc is blocking the water from flowing through. Anyway, the cleaning cycle ended, and not a single drop of water flowed out of the group head or the steam wand. Makes me wonder the need for putting in a 2L container under the group head/steam wand as per manual.After restarting the machine, both buttons still flash. I did a descale and got the same result still.I tried to redo the Cleaning Cycle but the machine no longer allows me to.So long story short, the 2 buttons still flash until now. Did you get yours resolved?
      • ausdday on 25/05/2020 – 17:50Yes, it took me quite a while to sort that out.
        1. The machine can only enter cleaning cycle, when the 1 and 2 cup buttons are flashing alternatively. That is, when you see the 1/2 cups button flashing alternatively, press both button for 5s, till they remain solid.
        2. Start the cleaning cycle by pressing either 1 or 2 cups button. The cleaning cycle is going to take about 5 minutes, and it has long pause in between backflush, doing nothing, making you think the cleaning cycle is completed. When the cleaning cycle is completed, the machine will go into ready mode (cups button and steam wand buttons all light up, and so are the temperature and froth level lights).
        Yes, you don’t need that 2L jug, no water will come out from the portafilter. But make sure you drain the drip tray before you start the cleaning cycle, it might get overflow due to multiple backflush.Good luck

OK so you have run the cleaning cycle as the other on the forum suggested and its still stuck with the alternate flashing one cup two cup buttons. WHAT DO YOU DO?

  1. Repair the connection to the flow meter and then attempt the cleaning cycle again?
    what? – yes, this problem is often caused by a faulty connection to the flow meter. because the processor fails to get a signal from the flow meter, it is unable to time/measure the cleaning cycle process and it hangs. It gets stuck waiting for the correct water flow volume to be measured. I have talked about the Breville Flow Meter Connection Problem before.

Here a few photos of the procedure on the Bambino Plus

Removing the back starts with unscrewing it.
you also need to remove the screw from the bottom plate.
Here’s the flow meter which I have glued as described in another post.
Here is a happy Bambino after successfully completing the cleaning cycle.


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