What do you do when you face this situation?

You have a problem. This is not a good situation. You can try pushing all the buttons, turning the machine on and off, factory reset, you can even shake it. Chances are you’re stuck with the flashing lights.
Now listen carefully, I haven’t got much time but I can tell you, I’ve repaired this fault a couple of times in the workshop. And on both occasions, I’ve had to replace, wait for it, the auto milk sensor. Which is in fact an NTC sensor on a spring. And the wires twist and break with repeated use. So to follow, is a quick photo montage of how I replaced the sensor. You can purchase a sensor for a very reasonable price here…

First you “upside down it”, as the old Boss used to say. He always spoke in some kind of pigeon English. He was from New Zealand. Remove the screws, you dont need to remove the feet, just the obvious screws.
Yep well done that’s another one. The bottom plate of the machine will clip off.
You can now, see the bottom of the sensor, the top plate will click off, you can then remove the old sensor and fit the new one. I’m not gonna tell you how to do this, you’ll work it out.
Don’t forget to plug the new sensor in, obviously where you unplugged the old one.
This is a picture of the job done. I can now make coffee again.

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