Test Procedure for ESAM Delonghi Coffee Machines

The following procedure is a means of testing the functionality of components on the ESAM Delonghi Coffee Machines. Its very useful for homing a stuck infuser or testing to determine which component has failed.

  1. Turn the machine off at the wall. Press and hold the “1 cup” and “Steam” buttons simultaneously.
  2. Turn on the machine at the wall.
  3. The “1 cup”, “2 cups” and “steam” will light for a few seconds then the machine is in test mode.

Test Procedures

  1. Brew unit up and down – “1 cup and 2 cup buttons” If the “grounded coffee “button flashes the hall sensor is working.
  2. Grinder motor – press the “grounded coffee” button.
  3. Pump – press the “steam” button. If the steam led lights then the flow meter has detected pulses.
  4. Thermoblock – pree the “cleaning and descaling button” voltage will be applied to the thermoblock, it will get hot.

These are the main function tests.




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