Preventative Maintenance for Cafe Coffee Machines

If you operate a busy Cafe you know how important your coffee machine and grinder are to your business. Without them functioning you may as well shut the door. And I have attended callouts to coffee shops where they have had to shut the door on a busy weekends trade.
The damage from this outcome is huge, not only is the days trading lost, but your customers are off sampling your neighbours coffee and many never come back. So why on earth don’t you have a spare grinder and have you looked under the hood of your coffee machine lately, do you know its condition. And can you rely on good old John who is always too busy, never has parts and has let you down before. Can he save you on saturday morning when the machine is leaking all over the bench and floor. He can be there in 2 hours, that means he will arrive in four hours, missing the actual part to fix the machine. Its time to think ahead and avoid this life shortening experience.

Firstly your grinder. When did you last change the blades and check the capacitors. Has the motor been metered for shorts. Find Cafe Coffee Machine Parts Here. Does it have a current test and tag label. You should change the blades as the manufacturer recommends, this may be as little as 400kgs of beans. There is no hard and fast rule but sharp blades make a massive difference to the grinder functioning but also the quality of the coffee extraction so at least every 6 months. If you current PM serving does not include a grinder check as described above you risk a failure.
Also purchase a cheap spare grinder, its useful if you want to add a second blend and to save the day in case of a failure. I stock a range of good used grinders. We have serviced these, changed capacitors and blades. Ask us if you don’t see any listed as I sell a lot but can always get you one. We are talking less than $500 for a quality Mazzer grinder as a spare.
Now the water filter. Is it out of date. Is it a good quality filter. Scale in traditional cafe machines is a leading cause of stuck valves and blocked jets. Have you got a flow meter on your filter, that alerts you every 35000 litres with an audible beep. These are not expensive, again talk to me about them.

Now to the machine. I have worked for Brisbane Coffee Companies that do rushed PM’s. I do not do these. I do my PM’s at the end of the days trade, when your not busy and I spend up to 2 hours going over your machine. At the end of the service I give you a report. Like a warrant of fitness. You know how your machine is performing and its condition. The following service is included in all our PM’s:

1. Group Seal Change
2. Shower Screen Change
3. Level Probe Clean
4. Clear Jets
5. Steam Tap Washer and Seal Change
6. Replace AntiVac Valve
7. Check and Flush Drain
8. Group Valve Check (worn plungers may need to be replaced)
9. Steam Volume Check
10. Leakage test on Elements and Motors (New safety tag)
11. Inspection of Wiring Looms for high resistance connections
12.Check for leaks around Boilers

astoria shower screens

blocked shower screens on an Astoria Coffee Machine

This is a comprehensive check, so your machine is good for another 6 to 12 months. Any potential problems are identified and can be dealt with in the near future. Including all parts, like the filter but excluding grinder blades (prices differ a lot between models) our service is $345 Inc. I believe this represents good value in the industry. For our Zone One (Northen Suburbs Brisbane, see map below) customers we are waiving the call out fee.

If you require a service on your cafe coffee machine or other traditional machine. Please email us with the make and model and filter type and preferred afternoon for the service. You will need to allow 2 hours. The machine and grinder will be out of action during this period.

valve scale

wega scale

Any other questions or spare part requirement. Please contact us.

See our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Service Area.

coffee valve

whats that burning smell


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