It’s easy to jump to conclusions about this machine, based on the 3 that I have met in my workshop. “The things a lemon”, but I don’t want to be hasty. I was specific about the issue I’m dealing with as this machine has quite a few issues. But the one I’m talking about is the fluctuating pressure caused by the cheap components that comprise this machine.

Having said all the above I did actually end up extracting good coffee. So lets not pigeon hole this machine just yet. However I really am not a fan.

Right so what is the issue I’m talking about. I really should have made a video before I fixed it. But the issue is when extracting an espresso, the pressure fluctuates and splutters, it’s so bad, bits of coffee splatter all over the place. With the blind filter in the pressure gauge shows 16 bar, apparently normal according sunbeam, as is the steam that vents when the thing heats up.

So how did I resolve the issue. Basically I replaced cheap components for better quality ones. But I’ll start from the most basic steps to the more complicated. In the end I got very good extraction from this machine.

1. Throw out the Sunbeam basket and replace it with a good quality one.

2. Replace the Group Seal and add a spacer. Clean the filter.

3. Replace the pump membrane with a better quality one, I used the Jura pump regulator.

4. Clean the 3 way coffee valve and remove the stem and seal it with thread tape. It appears the stem leaks, the valve base is a cheap plastic.

Throw out the Sunbeam Basket and replace it with a better quality one.
Replace the Sunbeam Pump Membrane – I used a Jura one.
Clean the 3-way coffee valve and ensure the stem is sealed, it tends to leak.
Wow – Good Coffee Extraction Again

That’s it. The Sunbeam Torino making good coffee. If you have an opinion on this machine or interesting issues please leave comments below.

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