Ive recently had a number of Jura J9’s come in with the same issue, best described as follows. The machine boots up ok, but when you push the button to make a coffee, the machine positions the brew unit but not much else. It then displays the error “Not enough ground coffee”. Now this has nothing to do with the sensors that detect the coffee beans. So don’t go and order replacement sensors. You can test this by repeating the process with no beans and you get the “fill beans message”.
The problem is the machine has attempted to make a coffee shot with an empty chamber. Usually because the machine has failed to run the grinder.

Here are the causes in order of probability. According to me.

1. Thermal fuse on the Grinder.
Yes the grinder is fuse protected. If you remove the grinder from the machine you will find a little white rectangle attached to the side of it. This is a thermal fuse and they commonly fail. So start by testing this fuse. If its open circuit, replace it.

2. The Grinder Motor
The Grinder motor may have burnt out. I usually remove these and test them externally on a power supply.

3. The Grinder Motor Driver Circuit.
This is a common cause, it usually involves the triac or sometimes the opto coupler that drives it.

Remember with fuses, when a fuse goes open circuit, it often does this simply because its doing its job, protecting the grinder, in the case from over heating. So the question has to be asked, why is the Grinder over heating. However on occasion a fuse will fail for no good reason.

Also, if the grinder is running and it is grinding, then the Motor and the Motor Encoder are suspects.

Post Unfinished, feel free to add tips if you have solved this issue yourself.


  • I had this message on a machine that was given to me and after cleaning the machine through its internal cleaning and changing the bean knob from fine to more coarse it’s now working great! It may be a short term fix though. The gifter of the machine said they only ran about 40 or so cups through. Hope it might work out for someone else!!

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