If you have a Jura Impressa J5 with an “Error 5” on the display, spending 5 minutes of your time reading the following will be a good investment.

The symptoms are machine says heating and then times out to the error 5. Google will tell you Error 5 is a thermoblock issue. There is only one in this model so lets find it and start there.

  1. Meter the element. I got 37.5 Ohms, so I was happy with that.
  2. Meter the thermal fuses, I got an open circuit on BOTH thermal fuses. This tells me they have been doing their job and have been taken out by a thermal event. As Ive said so many times in blogs, it’s the triac.
  3. Remove the power board and replace the heating triac, this is the one on the large heatsink. You can not miss it. I replaced the BTB08-800W triac with a BTB16800W. Both have the same switching voltages and tolerances. I sell them under components.
Meter the element, then the fuses.

That’s it. Replacing the triac require some specialist tools and skills, but can be done. Anyway, you wont find a replacement board so its time to learn how to do it and the tools are not expensive.

The board on the left contains the Heating Triac, you can not miss it on the large heatsink. Follow the wire from the thermoblock back if you need to identify it. Don’t try testing a Triac in circuit, cant be done.

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