How to service a Delonghi Coffee Machine Infuser

Delonghi Infuser Service Guide

The Infuser or Brew Unit is the device in your machine that tamps the coffee grinds and holds them while hot water is forced through at pressure. Once the shot has poured the brew unit ejects a well formed puck.
Well at least it should. The brew unit is a component of the coffee machine subject to a lot of wear. And as such is often the cause of issues. If not cleaned or serviced at least every 1000k cups a Delonghi infuser often jams in the wrong position or fails to eject grounds properly. In such a machine you will notice grounds spilled in the grove on the right hand side of the infuser.

In this brief tutorial I am going to explain (with pictures) how to;

1. Pull the infuser apart without breaking anything.
2. Clean the coffee filter.
3. Replace the 2 main o-rings.
4. Lube it.
5. Put it all together again.

This is a very simple procedure. But you will need a Delonghi infuser service pack. We sell them here. Note in the picture below of the 2 o-rings, the old o-ring (on the right, now coffee colored) has swollen and stretched. It was causing the brew unit piston to stick, meaning the chamber was always closed and coffee grounds would end up every where. This machine only had 4000 odd cups on the clock. So best you do this if your machine is getting near 5k cups as a stuck brew unit will mean a visit to the workshop.

delonghi infuser o-rings

Step one – Infuser Disassembly

There are 3 parts to remove;
1. Locate the clip that holds the piston in place and remove it, without breaking it. Use a small screw driver to carefully prise it off.

servicing a delonghi coffee machine infuser
servicing delonghi infuser

2. Remove the center piston stem.

This simply pulls out from the bottom of the infuser brew chamber.

delonghi brew unit

3. Pop the piston out of the top of the infuser brew chamber.

The piston has the coffee filter on the top and the 2 silicon o-rings. Be careful as it can pop out onto the floor and break. I sell a few for this reason.

Step two – servicing

1. Remove the coffee filter by un-doing the center screw as shown. I usually soak the piston and filter. Use a wire brush to unblock all of the pores and give it a good clean. Replace when clean. You can also clean the valve located in the piston head.
delonghi coffee machine filter

filter delonghi

2. Remove and replace o-rings.
delonghi o-rings to replace

3. Lube the piston and o-rings. Too much lube here.
lube o-rings

4. Clean the brew unit chamber.

Step three – re-assembly

This is a reversal of the disassembly.

1. Pop in the piston, make sure its the right away around.
2. Slide in the piston stem.
3. Lock together with the clip, make sure its the right way around.

Do this on a regular basis or your risk jamming the machine or damaging the drive motor and circuitry. You will also make crap coffee.


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