You turn the machine on and the pump runs and runs. Remove the water from the tank and it stops. You ground the water level probe and the pump still runs. The group lever is off and the steam boiler is full of water it’s not leaking. And the heating element is heating? Whats up?

Ok this is simple as you have a big clue? – why has the controller turned on the heater. Surely it knows it has a full steam boiler? And why is the system able to turn off the pump when the water resivore is empty. That indicates the relay switching the pump is ok.

But I checked my earth to the boiler and controller. I also checked what the controller was doing with the boiler inlet valve. It turns out it was opening and closing the valve ok, E.g when the water level probe was open circuit, it opened the valve and vise versa. So Why?

Well now you know all that its bloody obvious. The main group switch is leaking. Have a look at the skancky thing. Disconnect it and run the machine up. Now the pump is off.
Just so you know.

The Skanky one – yeah I know its disconnected.

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