The Jura Impressa Z7 is a great little machine. It has twin thermoblocks, simple but functional software and a good grinder, but sadly they are getting old, most that I see are 6 to 10 years old with thousands of cups on the clock. I am getting units in here where the hoses are now leaking, these can be replaced relatively inexpensively but most also have well worn ceramic valves.

The ceramic valve is a motorized rotary valve that distributes the coffee, steam and hot water to the various outlets and the drain. It allows bulky valves to be replaced with a single device. However over time the head cracks and leaks, the motor fails or the thing just gets filled with scale. You either get a serious leak or the error 6 pops up on the screen. You may well notice the noise too, as its the ceramic valve you hear when you first turn these machines on, it does a little whirring noise at it positions itself doing the boot sequence. This get squeaky when your ceramic valve is on the way out.


Replacement is your only option and like everything from Jura, it’s not cheap. I have tried gluing the hair line fractures or replacing the motor, although I’m sure it could be done, considering the time involved and the less than great odds of success, I recommend just buying a new one. I have the Jura Ceramic valve in stock here.
Now that was the bad news, the good news is they are simple to install and come with replacement tubing as well. So do it yourself, it’s not hard.

To do the job, unplug the machine and dismantle it. remove the cover off the thermoblocks. I suggest changing all the hoses, trust me they leak. You have 2 harness clips containing the power and the encoder data. And 4 hoses + the drain hose. Connect the new hoses just like the old ones. Use some grease to get the hose to slide onto the boiler and plastic fittings. The new hose can be quite tight and you want them on all the way. Reuse the old hose clips.

a 10 year old Impressa Z7 with a nice new ceramic valve and hoses.
A 10 year old Lura Impressa Z7 with new hose and a new ceramic valve.

Now you will notice the rectangle box, that is actually a heat exchanger. See the photos of the internals of this device. They are prone to scaling up over the years and I often find they are blocked and need to be descaled or replaced. Pull it out and do this job while you are in there. Again they are not cheap and I do stock the Jura heat exchanger.
The function of this item it to cool the steam as it vents into the waste. Try not to break it, the inlet pipes tend to crack.

Jura Impressa Z7, missing it;s ceramic valve showing the heat exchanger.

A 10 year old Jura Heat Exchanger

That’s about all there is to replacing the ceramic valve. Hey while you are doing the job, replace the tired old Grinder blades. Life is too short to drink crap coffee. New blades make a world of difference to an old Jura machine. Find Jura Grinder blades here.

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