If you google the Jura Error 4 message, you will learn that it refers to the Steam Boiler/Thermoblock temperature issue. The usual advice is to replace the NTC Sensor. But what if you do replace the NTC sensor and it still does not resolve the issue and you still have error 4 on the display? You just spent $50 for the sensor and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive, idiot! – This article is here to help you, if this is the scenario you find yourself in.

Now this is what you should have done, before you went out and purchased a new NTC sensor for the Jura X9,
Ensure the steam boiler is functional. If the error 4 comes up and the steam boiler is stone cold, you may have more than an NTC issue. Meter the Steam Boiler element, it’s the smaller one at the top of the machine. The element should read 45-48 ohms. Check the thermal fuse. And while you are at it, it’s a good idea to replace the NTC sensor. I know they are stupidly expensive but you have probably already done it anyway. A wise old coffee Tech told me to always replace the NTC sensor with these boiler issues. So your $50 is not wasted. If you don’t have one, it would be my pleasure to sell you one.

Note the heat paste!

Check the voltage getting to the element by disconnecting the element leads and checking to see what voltage is being switched to the steam boiler. In my case with the machine pictured, I was getting strange low voltages, nothing like the 240V AC I was expecting. So I knew I had a board issue. The consensus on Google was that it was game over at this point, as replacement boards for the Jura X9 are like hens teeth. No way folks, these Jura Power Boards are readily repairable.

So time to remove the Jura X9 Power Board. Mark the connections, there are a couple you could mix up. Once the board is removed, you need to identify the Triac that drives the steam boiler. I noted that it was TR2 on the board that switched power to the steam boiler. That’s it, right in the middle of the board. Note the big heat sinks associated with the Triacs.

The steam boiler Triac is a ST BTB08-6008W, .70c on eBay, this was similar to the ones I use with DeLonghi coffee machines. So I substituted what I had. Once the new Triac was installed, I replaced the board and away we went. No more error four.

Now it could’ve been another component causing the issue or a failed element, but it often is just simply a failed Triac. Not a difficult component to replace at all. So well worth a crack.

Stephen Rodda – Outwest Coffee Machines

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