Changing the element in a Bezzera BZ02s

This is a traditional single group machine, Italian of course. It’ a nice small foot print so is ideal for a domestic machine as it leaves room on the kitchen bench for the toaster. The down side of a small foot print is that there is no room for a decent pump, regrettably just an Ulka vibration pump. It has no pressure gauges either. This unit came in with a heating failure. On metering the element, I found it was open circuit.

I will quickly detail removing and replacing the element, it is very simple and easily a DIY job.

If you flip the machine onto its side, the bottom panel can be removed giving easy access to the bottom of the boiler. This can then be un-bolted and the element and boiler base come out as a single unit.

looking at bottom of boiler

open circuit on boiler element

While you have the element out, take the opportunity to descale the boiler. This particular machine was full of it, scale that is. Don’t forget to clean the probes, I also replaced the vac

valve and safety valve.

scale in a coffee machine boiler

Before – thats some nice scale

scale removed from coffee machine boiler

After – scale removed all cleaned up.


The new element is fitted to the base. You will need a new oring to seal the element and base back in. Ensure you tighten the bottom bolt that the thermal fuse bolts too,before you install the boiler plate as it may leak.

The New element comes complete with the plate, yes you will pay through the nose for this.

Thats’s all folks.

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