Jura Ena Micro Terrible Crunching Noise On Startup Problem and it’s Solution

The Jura Ena Micro range of machines are not a favourite of mine nor I would think many technicians. They were Jura’s attempt to manufacture a budget machine. In Australia they could be purchased for less than $600. Unfortunately for me, 6 years later, they are turning up in the workshop in a terrible state. Not only are they hard to get into but they just seem to have problem after problem and can be a serious waste of time. Added to my dislike of this machine is the silly prices for replacement parts.

However there is an issue I have seen all over youtube that commonly occurs with these machines and no correct solution has been posted, that I am aware of. So I thought I would post the solution since I wasted an hour finding it and save someone else an hour. If you like these kind of challenges, stop reading here, I don’t want to spoil the fun.
Firstly see the video below demonstrating the issue. The machine boots up normally until the brew unit appears to drive upward without stopping. A terrible crunching noise ensues and you have to pull the plug. Yes it was frightening, you will see me almost drop my phone. At first it appears a positioning problem so the encoder is suspected. No luck there, then it must be a board issue, its as if the machine is driving the brew unit in the wrong direction at full throttle and not detecting position or current draw!

Some on Youtube have claimed the machine requires a hard reset, apparently Jura told them this. I phoned my mate in Jura and he told me its something simple and he’ll tell me tomorrow if I can not find it. Thanks Mate, thats the usual Jura line, pay us to fix it. Anyway I suspected the motor perhaps is not in the correct position and not engaging the brew unit cog or the brew unit was jammed. Getting warmer now. I removed both the brew unit and the motor. I then noticed on the motor mounting hole, a fracture. It fell away completely on removal, see I even took a photo. This looked like it may have been allowing the motor to move while it is being energised. So I changed the motor and the problem was gone, well this one anyway, all the other Ena problems remained to be fixed. The crack was not apparent until the motor was removed, although I have old eyes you may be able to see it with a close inspection. It looks obvious in the photo.

Jura Ena Motor Problem

So that’s what all the noise was about the motor jumping over rather than driving the brew unit cog. The brew unit was stiff as hell so I serviced this as well. I then phoned the customer and told them the price of a new Jura motor and they said throw the machine out. So please if you live in Brisbane don’t bring me your Jura Ena Micro Machines, I don’t like them. Now that does not sound appreciative, what I mean is you need to question the repair costs on a $600 machine. If its older than 5 years, unless you are going to DIY fix it, its probably time for a new machine.


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