If you turned on your old faithful Breville BES 900 to make you morning coffee and are now staring at the screen below. You have a problem. well you may have already reached that conclusion but I’m here to give you some more bad news.

This is not good.

This Err ! – refers to an NTC error on your main coffee boiler. Now normally this error flag is not fatal, as we can simply replace the NTC sensor. But in these older Breville BES 900 machines its the end of the line. If you have the old screw in NTC sensor, you’re in real trouble as Breville no longer manufacture a replacement. So what are your options?

The Old Style screw in NTC Sensor

The new style push in NTC sensor for the coffee boiler , pictured below is the same device as the old one. It performs in precisely the same way, its just the housing that differs. So it is possible to fit the new NTC sensor into the old housing. I dd not say it was easier and I have tried it and there were other issues. But it can be done if you really want too. But the tip of the NTC sensor must be submerged in water. So it’s not easy to achieve. Trust me if its not you will get the coffee boiler going over temp.
The only other solution is to replace the coffee boiler with the new style.

If you have found this sensor elsewhere and have solved this issue please write to me. As without a cost effective solution, thousands of innocent faithful little Breville Coffee Machines will be joining all the other crap we humans throw in the ocean.

The old screw style NTC vs the new push and clip style

For those of you here because you have either an Err2 (Steam boiler NTC) or an Err3 (Group Head NTC), this is what you need to know. As above.

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