So you own a Bakery and just like 7-Eleven you have worked out that coffee gets people in the door. Take away coffee of a reasonable quality will draw in customers who will also grab a couple of pies. Trust me they will come back for more if your coffee soothe’s their caffeine addiction and tastes ok. Coffee is also profitable on its own. So lets make a plan to get you serving coffee and selling more pies.

So the first criteria for your new machine is that it must make a reasonable coffee, so this means fresh coffee beans and real milk. Don’t bother with a POD machine or powdered milk machine. Nobody is coming back for that crap.
You need a fresh bean and a real milk machine!

The next criteria is space and time, both of which are in short supply if you run a bakery, so you are looking for an Automated Coffee Machine. You press a button and the machine pumps out a nice coffee. You probably don’t have the space or time to manually make coffee and train up your staff. If you then yes get a manual machine and learn how to use it. They are cheaper and less problematic. But please keep in mind, that no coffee drinker likes paying through the nose for a coffee made by bad barrister. We would rather drink a cheaper coffee from an automated machine. A good quality automated coffee machine will achieve better coffee extraction than a bad quality Barrister.

So this leads right to the third criteria, reliability. Automated coffee machines have driven millions of people around the world to mental break downs. Don’don’t be one of them. There are a lot of things to go wrong in an automated coffee machine. You must select a good quality machine with the service and parts available. Don’t buy something that was cheap on Gumtree, there was a reason It was cheap. Cheap coffee machines make cheap coffee and they let you down when you least can afford it.
However having said that, I once was told by a bakery owner that he would rather deal with a problematic coffee machine than a problematic staff member. Apparently the coffee machine is the lesser of the two evils.

Okay now we have that sorted, what are some options. Well, it all depends on your budget. Here at Out west Coffee Machines we have some good remanufactured classic coffee machines. Suitable for your bakery because they are reliable and make a great coffee. We also have some new top of the line machines, so the price ranges from $900 to $9000. Don’t be afraid to ask me what would be best for you. Some of the remanufactured machines may look a little scruffier, but they are real quality.

Now back to reliability. In a past life, I serviced 711 coffee machines. These machines made thousands of cups a day, it was crazy. We had machines with millions of cups on the clock. But the unreliable machines were always located at the shops where they were too to do the cleaning. If you want to sell fresh milk coffee from an automated coffee machine, you cannot scrimp on the cleaning routine. You also need to be prepared to allocate a budget for maintenance. So consider the maintenance requirements and costs at the beginning.

So what are the costs for making making cup of coffee from an automated machine. Well for every Kg of coffee beans, you gonna get about 70 cups at least. So let’s say about $.30 cents for the coffee. Now to the milk. It seems to be cheap these days, but there will be wastage. Apparently 1 L of milk makes 10 classic cappuccinos in the real world. So if we assume a litre of milk is $2, then we’re looking at $.20 per cup. Add in the paper cups, lids etc and we are looking at about 70c. These are back of the envelope calculations but we can determine from them that you can afford to price your coffee competitively just like 711 to lure people in the door. And you can afford a good quality well maintained machine.

Stephen Rodda – Outwest Coffee Machines

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