Of all the maintenance procedures you can perform on your Breville 900 Series Coffee Machine, replacing the wearable HOT O-rings on both of the boilers is the most essential. This is because they are notorious for leaking. And once corrosion sets in, a lot of damage ensues.
So if you have a Breville 900, 920, 980, or 990 Coffee Machine, you need to learn how to do the O-ring change. It’s very simple, cheap and if you do it every 6 to 12 months, you should reach 15 K cups on your faithful 900 series Coffee machine.

So here goes, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I’ll demonstrate in a series of pictures rather than 1000 words. I know there are videos online demonstrating this already, but judging by phone calls we get relating to the subject, not everybody can find them. Me included, so I hope this helps. At the bottom i’ll link to the kit to do the job.

This is what you start with. Coffee boiler and the steam boiler. This is the older style machine and your mission is to replace all of the O-rings on the boiler connections.
Let’s start with the coffee boiler, remove the hose clip, simply by levering it out.
Now remove the old worn O-ring as shown above.
Now prepare the hose by placing the new O-ring on it and smearing it with lubricant. It is now ready to be inserted back into the boiler. Always place O-rings directly on the hose and always use lubricant. If you don’t believe me try doing it by putting that O-ring directly into the boiler connection fitting first without lubricant. You will damage the O-ring. Replace the outlet O-ring as well.
Now we move to the steam boiler. And we will start with the heat exchanger inlet and outlets. You will note they have a sleeve over them. Firstly remove the clip. Note in more modern 900 Series Coffee machines, they now have a threaded connection which never leaks. No I’m being serious it doesn’t leak so don’t try undoing it.
The sleeve is pushed up as shown above. Sometimes they tear and there’s not much you can do about it. In these pictures I’d already removed the outlet sleeve.
In the picture above I’m removing the old O-rings. You will note there is a very small metal washer and 2 O-rings. The coffee heat exchanger inlet and outlet utilise 2 O-rings. If you drop the metal washer don’t panic it’s not essential.
Now prepare the hose for re-insertion. Note I have replaced the metal washer and fitted two new O-rings and lubed the O-rings.
once the hose has been inserted, replace the clip. Note the correct position of the clip. You can also replace it ata 45° angle to what is shown above, however there is a good reason the clip is fitted the way it is.So do it as shown above. When inserting a hose back in to the boiler I often use a small flat screwdriver to push it in. I forgot to photograph that. You can now slide the boot back over the clip. Don’t try putting the boot/ sleeve on before replacing the clip.
I found the screwdriver photo, the hose can be gently reinserted using a screwdriver, as shown above.
What happens if you drop a clip, well you’re going to find out because we will get into the hard bit next and the clips are generally lost forever inside the machine if you drop them. That is why we sell the kit with additional clips. However as the picture above demonstrates they are magnetic and can be retrieved with skill and a good magnet on the end of your screwdriver.
Removing the probes is just the same as a hose, remove the clip and pull it out. You will need to clean it with a wire brush before reinserting. However if your machine has more than 5000 cups on the clock I suggest replacing the probes. They too tend to leak with age.
Note I’ve used red silicon O-rings on the water level probes, this is because that’s all we can get, there’s nothing wrong with them. Note also in the picture above the NTC sensor, you need to replace its Oring and also the steam outlet tube Oring. Don’t miss any because they all leak.
Now to the hard part. The steam boiler inlet hose. This O-ring must be replaced, because if you don’t it will surely leak. And when it does leak it drips directly onto a 240 V component and generally causes corrosion of the steam boilers seam. Sometimes it’s already leaked and there’s no easy way to replace it. In this case you have to remove the complete steam boiler. But now I am going to show you the easy way to replace this oring. Perhaps I should rephrase that, I’m gonna show you the short way that is’ the quick way. Begin by removing the clip. This clip is inverted so you’re probably going to drop it and never see it again. Once the clip is removed pull the tube out.
With the hose removed, have a dig around with a right angle tool to remove the old O-ring. Make sure you get it, because you are going to find it extremely difficult to fit the new O-ring if the old one is still in there.
Now fit the new O-ring, smear with lubricant and insert it back into the boiler. Use a tool as pictured above to gently push the hose all the way into the boiler fitting. Make sure you get it all the way in or you are going to struggle getting the clip back into place.
In order to insert the clip, I suggest using a good set of angled long nose pliers. Using them insert the clip back into place.
the hose clip is now inserted the other way around. I can’t really describe how to get it back in there, but I suggest you practice deep breathing throughout the procedure. But it can be done without removing the boiler. Good luck and that’s all there is to it.


  • So.. I read this too late, and now i have a BES990 with a leaking steam boiler inlet hose. Do you have a link to a guide on how to remove the entire steam boiler to get to the inlet and clean it up?

  • I lost the clip like a mug haha anychance you sell them or can point me in the right direction? Thank you

    • Yes we sell clips, as part of the kit and individually, the breville clips are the same as the jura clips. They are magnetic if you want to try and retrieve yours.

  • I am trying to replace my steam boiler probes, but I cannot get the wires disconnected from them. I saw a descaling video and the guy said “just pull them off,” but I cant get them. Any tips?

    • Yes they just pull off. Use some Longnose pliers. They will come off.

      • Hi. I sent and email a couple of weeks ago with questions about the DIY success rate of replacing all the o’rings in the dual boiler machine. This hasn’t been answered yet. Would like to know this before working out whether I give it a crack or use the local service agent who I didn’t rate highly.
        Cheers. Todd

        • Hello,
          you need to replace the perishable hot orings every 6 to 12 months. So an essential skill as they all leak with time and cause a lot of damage to electronics and corrosion. Get the kit with the oring grease and spare clip and you should find the task pretty straight forward. I have posted a guide in the trouble shooting section.

          • My machine has lasted aprox 4 years, I’ve just started to hear one of the temp probes leaking a bit (steam boiler), popped the lid and confirmed little bubbles but it’s a very slow leak and very little water but I’ll get the -rings and probes replaced thanks to your guide!

            My question is given the existing seals have lasted 4 years do you think replacing these o-rings every 2-3 years should be ok or are the replacement rings not as long lasting and why you recommend every 6-12 months? Is there any higher grade/quality rings that could possibly last even longer?

  • Hi,trying to remove two probes on steam boiler of Breville Oracle touch BES 990.Wont come out doesnt matter what I do.Any suggestions.Removed probes and replaced O rings on other boiler without problem.Thanks

  • Hello,

    Whilst replacing the two orings in the steam boiler I lost the metal washer. After replacing new o rings, on the hose first then inserted the connection is leaking steam. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, do i need to:
    1. replace the clip
    2. replace the metal washer
    3. replace the hose
    or is it a combo of all of the above?


  • I found angled forceps were much better tool to reinsert the clip on the hose on the side of the steam boiler. Much smaller size than pliers and also locks in place.

  • Greetings. Thank you for a useful description of servicing my old Oracle, and thank for the good repairs at a decent price! What sort of grease lubricant do you use on your o-rings?

  • Hi team,
    I have a 920 model, what O ring pack do I need to order please

    Many thanks, Scott

  • Hi,
    I have an Oracle Touch Breville. My unit is leaking water and causing a short that trips my breaker. I am hoping it is just a matter of replacing O rings. Should I order the Deluxe Kit or the Service Kit or something else? It appears that there is only one extra clip included. Should I order more to be safe? Thanks!

    • Hi,
      Another Bruce with the exact same question! (Though for the BES920). After 3 years of pretty extensive use, it has started tripping the circuit breaker. Also, some water has found its way into the LCD (though this still works). I’ve popped the lid and there is a fair bit of corrosion. What’s the success rate once it gets to this stage? Worth replacing the o-rings, or is it likely too far gone?

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