Vibiemme Domobar Grouphead Service Kit Complete


VibiemmeDomobar Grouphead Service Kit Complete

Vibiemme Domobar Grouphead Service Kit – Complete

Everything you need to service the grouphead of your VBM Domobar (all models)

What’s in the kit:

1 x Top Cap PTFE Gasket 22x17x2mm – GUARTACHGR
1 x Grouphead Gauze Injector Filter 8.5x22mm
1 x Grouphead Jet ES7 M6 – RACCGIES7
3 x PTFE Gasket 30x36x2mm for Group Exhaust, Cam Housing & Distribution Valve Housing – GUARCAINGRTE
1 x Distribution Valve Housing Base PTFE Gasket 26x21x5.5mm – GUARCASUTEPI
1 x Distribution Valve Spring 55x14mm – MOLLVAER
1 x Distribution Valve Complete – ASSVALVEROG
1 x E61 Standard Shower Screen ø 60mm
1 x E61 Group Seal 74×57.5×8.0mm
2 x Filterholder Gasket Paper Shim 70x57x0.5mm
1 x Infusion Valve Complete – ASSVALVINF
1 x Infusion Valve Spring 55x14mm – MOLLVAIN
1 x Discharge Valve Complete – ASSVALVSCAR
1 x Discharge Valve Spring 57mm – MOLLSC
1 x Discharge Housing PTFE Gasket 26x21x2mm – GUARTE
2 x Cam Rod Pad Seal 16×7.5x4mm – GUARPICA
1 x Small Sachet of Food Safe Grease

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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