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replacement OEM Parts Made in China

March 24 – PANDA PARTS are here. Added to our growing selection of OEM Coffee Machine Parts are Chinese manufactured replacement parts for selected European Brands. Now these parts will be clearly marked as “Panda Parts” and will be priced significantly lower than the genuine parts. But cost is not the only motive. Often we simply can’t get the genuine parts. The quality, in some cases of the parts is obviously different, in other cases you can not tell the difference. And that’s because they come from the same factory. Yes that’s right, in many cases your fancy Euro Coffee Machine is full of parts made in China. This category will be growing as I build my supply network.



They are here…

September 23 – We have partnered with Coffee Snobs, the great Australian Coffee Forum to advertise. So if you are over there please subscribe. Here’s what I said;

Good Morning Coffee Snobs,
I’d just like to let the community know a little more about what we offer. This week our shipment of 969 Coffee Machines arrived in Australia. If you don’t know 969 coffee machines, they are a small Italian Manufacturer. The focus is on quality not quantity. And if I say so myself I believe they represent the best value in the Australian market. They are beautifully designed and manufactured. 
I also decided to bring in the colour variants. They have been selling like crazy in the NZ market. This finish is fantastic and they really are unique. We have some great pricing on these units as well as payment options. And we specialise in refurbing Breville machines so we will trade your old Breville Gear on a Machine/Grinder combo.
Finally we at Outwest Coffee stock hard to Find parts, our focus Breville Parts, Jura Parts, Merol and many commercial machines. We have parts at pricing you won’t find elsewhere and we import from Italy monthly. We are getting pretty good at finding the parts for machines commonly found in the market here. We also stock and service Expobar and Bezzera. But primarily now we are the home of 969 machines, finally here in Australia. I will stock all their parts as well.
I look forward to getting to know some of you in the future. Please also note we have a large troubleshooting section on our website which may prove useful.


Stephen Rodda
Owner Operator – Outwest Coffee Gear

June 23 – Trade in your old Coffee Machine and lease to own an Italian fantastico !
Remember that old saying “

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” 

― Benjamin Franklin

No well what about “You get what you pay for” – Bob Hawke
Anyway you get the point, it’s a race to the bottom on modern appliances. Even the big brands arn’t what they used to be and if you go into any Big Box Retailer in Australia your gonna flip a coin, heads it lasts longer than the warranty, tails you’re gonna regret this purchase. Just because it’s got a fancy touch screen that connects via bluetooth to another useless app, it doesn’t mean you are getting value.
That’s why I have, at great personal risk stuck my neck on the line.
You see fifty percent of my work is warranty work for some big brands. I know the sour deal being dealt to a lot of consumers by the corporates. So I’ve partnered with a small Italian manufacturer 969 Coffee Machines to bring you a hand made quality machine that makes great quality coffee year after year. As I said to my inaugural customer when he asked how long it would last, ‘Brian’, they will be making coffee out of this at your funeral reception’. No he was ok with it, perhaps not his wife, but he knew what I meant. A good Italian machine will last 20 years.
Here are the reasons I would buy a good Italian traditional machine and not one of the Big Brand Consumer ones.

1. Simplicity – yes its harder to learn to use. But there is a lot less to go wrong. The kids at McDonalds can learn to use a traditional machine and so can you.
2. The coffee is better – good quality coffee is about the correct grind, the right dose and water temp and pressure. Cheap machines = cheap coffee. At the very least trade you rubbish grinder in for one of our nice Italian ones.
3. Longevity – our Italian coffee machines are still hand made in Italy. They are beautiful inside and out. The factory cant knock them out in volume but old Aldo knows what he’s doing. They are made by people who really care. It’s how the world used to be before it was all about the shareholder. These little Italian factories are central to life in these towns. The entire village are proud of their products.
4. Parts – The coffee industry in Italy is supported by a network of factories that make the components. All Italian machines, no matter what brand utilise these same factories. So if you ever need a part for an Italian machine, you can get it anywhere, not just me. And here I must remind you of the bottle necks we experience for spares for the Consumer Brands and often replacement parts are faulty. This is a very important point I just made. Obsolescence is planned and failure is profitable for the cheap stuff.
5. And I will make this the final point, VALUE. What you say? surely an Italian machine costs more than those things I saw in the Mall. Yeah but you are confusing price with cost/value. Pay a little more upfront but save year after year. And you will.

Oh there is one other thing. We will be offering trade ins and finance. I will trade your old Breville gear and be generous. So if you are here thanks to a failed coffee machine. Text me 041 6838560. Life is too short to muck around with an inferior coffee machine making crap coffee. I have some beautiful colours coming. They are selling like crazy in the NZ market, not just the chrome, the charcoal, red and yellow are popular. The finish quality is excellent. These machines are special. And yes stock is limited, so do some research on the brand and book one. See the range here.
Stephen Rodda- Chief instigator

And the News is….
Jan 23 – Please call 07 34919805 before you attempt to drop your coffee machine to us. We have limited space as a result of machines waiting for parts and a busier than normal workshop. So we will not be accepting unexpected repairs, I am very sorry. Our turn around is 7-15 days (parts dependent). We are no longer servicing the Delonghi Machines. Nor the old Saeco or Sunbeam. Parts are too difficult for us to obtain for these older models. Some Jura models I can get parts for and I’m working on this issue.

Yep parts are again proving difficult to source, they are more expensive and subject to longer lead times. We also face challenges with lost items. Please be patient with us, we really are working on obtaining multiple sources for the common parts we supply. These are hard times to be in the parts distribution business but we are building a good supply network. Jura parts are a good example, I have a cunning plan to help you obtain the parts you need at reasonable prices. But please be patient, don’t throw your old machine out and watch this space. Wheels are in motion.

Do you have a technical question about your coffee machine? – we get a lot of questions via email and telephone. As we are busy and I am doing repairs all day, I often don’t get time to answer everybody. So as a solution, please ask your question on the forum under the trouble shooting section of our website. If you leave a question in the comments section on a post related to your issue or machine, I will do my best to answer you promptly. The advantage here is everybody can see the answers and it helps us all. It also means other members on our site can also answer your question.


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