Merol ME-710 No Water Error – how to fix?

Before I begin, a public announcement. We will now be stocking parts for the Merol ME-710 and the ME-712 machines. If you do not see what you need listed email us and ask. I will have most spares in stock. Parts are ex Brisbane. Shop here for Merol Coffee Machine Parts.

A common fault I get calls about is the no water error and the 710. I will describe the causes I have encountered to date. The no water error occurs when you fill the water tank but the machine continues flashing the no water flag and beeping persistently. Despite wiggling and hitting it, nothing will satisfy it.merol me-710 water tank float

The first possible cause is the most simple fix and involves the magnetic float no longer floating. The magnet corrodes as seen below and the float gets stuck. Before you order a new float, test that this is the sole cause. In order to do this remove the water tank and use a magnet to fool the machine that the tank is full and in place. You will need to mimic the position the float magnet would be in if the tank were full of water. These machines have no switch for detecting the water tank in place, just the magnet float. So you can do this with the tank out of the way. If you can not get the machine to register the magnet, then you have another problem to solve. It is common for the reed switch that detects the water float magnet to fail. So you need to replace this as well.
In order to replace this you need to remove the lid, and the left side panel. The new reed switch just slides in, threading the cable through and back to the control board is more difficult. Its easier to re-route it.

merol water tanks magnet


If the machine still fails to detect the tank with water and you have replaced the float and the reed switch, then apart from being annoyed, you have an issue with the board or the connection. Did you plug it into the right hand side socket?, there are two. I have not struck an issue with the ME-710 control board not registering a good reed switch, so its not looking like a common issue. If you really do have this issue then you can send the board to us. If we can not fix it we can sell you a new board.

Finally just a word on these Merol machines. There are a few little things that go wrong with them and the plastic shell is a bit crap. But seriously now that we can get parts, Id rather own one of these than a Jura. The software and the style is not as flash but they make a better coffee and are much better value for money and the replacement parts affordable.


merol reed switch


Bad news about Merol parts, the Chinese are no longer supplying me parts. I do have some items left, find Merol parts here.

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