One of the most common questions I get asked is, which brand is best or what would you buy. Well, the fact is brand name appliances are for the most part getting crappier. So often different models within the same brand vary greatly in quality. I walk into an appliance store and I see people buying a machine I know is rubbish.
So I am going to review machines, not like the 5 star thing you see, where a consumer has owned a machine for 5 minutes and then gives it a good or bad review based on an immediate impression. I will tell you about the machines we see in here, what’s good and bad and answer the question, would I buy it.
I sell a few remanufactured machines so I’ve got nothing to gain by skewing my reviews. I’ll tell you just what goes wrong and also add a few performance parameter’s in the review for you.

Here they are;

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