Outwest Coffee Repair all Domestic Machines in our North Lakes Workshop. We require your machine to be dropped into our shop so our Technicians can make an informed quotation. We charge a $45 quote fee which is deductible from your service cost, should you decide to repair the machine.
It is very important that you make an informed decision about repairing vs replacing. The quote fee allows my Technicians to put the machine on the bench and open it and test it. Often a minor repair is all that is required, other times older machines may have blocked valves, old pumps and elements that fail testing. In this case we advise against repair.
We cap our service costs at 2 hours labour ($60/hour) plus parts, so we  guarantee that we will beat any alternative quotation.
You can send you machine to us and we can ship back to you for $25.00.

Call us to discuss your machine. 07 3491 9805.