The general alarm failure is very common on this model, so I thought I would quickly run over the repair as its an easy DIY job. The symptoms are that it goes through the first step of heating up, runs a rinse and then hangs on heating until it pops up the general alarm fault.

As the machine has successfully heated the main thermoblock and run the rinse, we know the fault is with the third element in the flash boiler. This is very handly located on the left side of the machine.

So the repair entails the following action;

1. Open the machine and test the flash boiler to determine if it has failed or a steam flash boiler thermal fuses.

Read here how to test a element and a thermal fuse.

2. Replace the steam boiler.

3. Replace the NTC sensor. (use heat paste).

4. Test and reassemble.

Easy and affordable DIY repair, especially if you purchase the parts from me.

The pictures below are worth a thousand words, so that’s it from me. Except to say. UNPLUG the machine first.

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