How to change the Grinder Blades on your Jura, Delonghi, Saeco or Breville Coffee machine

Why Change the Grinder Blades?


The best thing you can do to improve the taste of the coffee from your automatic coffee machine, is change the grinder blades!
One of the key components to making a good tasting coffee, is a good grind consistency and particle size and it all starts with the grinder. To achieve a good extraction, your coffee grounds should look like fine sand but so many of the automatic machines I see in my work shop produce ground coffee with the consistency of wood chips. This is because the blades are blunt and often corroded. They are breaking, not cutting the bean. We end up with gravel sized odd particles and coffee with no flavour. How can you possibly expect to get a decent coffee from sawdust. The coffee is weak and it defeats the purpose of repairing a machine if its going to make crap coffee. I’d rather drink tea. Your local cafe would never serve you a coffee prepared with a blunt set of grinder blades, I can not overstate the difference sharp grinder blades make to coffee extraction.

Grinder blades should be good for 10,000 cups, so they tell us, but I have found this is never the case with automatics. I’m not sure why, possibly the blades are not made of great quality steel. And often water has got in the grinder at some stage and the blades are corroded. I thinks its more realistic to consider 5000 cups as the rule of thumb number, after which your blades are past their useful life. You will probably have noted the poor quality weak coffee before this anyway.

One of the signs you will notice if your blades are blunt is that you will need to adjust the strength of your coffee up. This is because on most automatics, the setting to increase the coffee strength, just runs the grinder for longer. The longer the grinder runs, the more coffee powder that is produced. However, as the blades become blunter, the less the volume of coffee that is ground in an allocated time. So for example the medium setting may run the grinder for 3 seconds and produces 8g of coffee. But when the blades are blunt, that 3 seconds now only produces 4 g of coffee. So the pucks are small and the coffee weak with no crema. You probably will not see well formed bulky pucks in the grounds bin, just grounds with the consistency of wood chips or sloppy pucks.

My solution in the past has been to replace the entire grinder. This is an expensive option, in a Delonghi, a grinder costs me near a $100, a Jura $200 and I have to chase it overseas. So I knew there had to be a better way.  I looked up grinder blade manufacturers in China and negotiated with a factory to drop their minimum order from 10,000 to 1000 sets of blades. And I now have all the grinder blades I and you need.

After testing a few on old machines, I have been amazed at the difference a new set of grinder blades can make to a tired old automatic coffee machine. The difference is amazing, after changing the blades and doing nothing else the crema layer more than doubles and the flavour is back. When I perform a service on an older machine I always offer my customers the option of a new set of grinder blades.

Now if your not lucky enough to live in Brisbane and are unable to utilise my services. Then I suggest you do it yourself. It’s not that hard and I am going to detail blow by blow how to change the blades on your Jura, Delonghi, Saeco or Breville coffee machines. It will take you about an hour. It is a mucky business, so do it in the garage or when the wife is out. It will be worth any grief that may come your way.


Buying the Correct Blades!

There are 3 species of blades that I stock, so you will need to make sure you get the correct ones. Follow the link here….., make sure you purchase the right blades for your model. Note the new saeco machines have ceramic blades. I can get these as well, but check to determine if you have conical or flat ceramic blades. I will do my best to make it clear on the item as to which models they fit. Just click on your coffee machine brand and scroll to the grinder blades. Email me if you are unsure. Don’t call me at 5am to ask, I probably won’t know at 5am anyway. I’m not nice before my coffee.


How to change the Grinder Blades on a Delonghi, Jura or Saeco or Breville Coffee Machine

The following pictorial briefly shows the steps to replacing your grinder blades in a domestic automatic coffee machines. It features both a Delonghi and Jura Grinder, so the grinder may not look identical between steps.















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