Free cleaning and servicing for Corporate Customers!

people-drinking-coffeeMost coffee companies can supply you a coffee machine for your factory, office, waiting room or board room. But few can offer regular visits to clean and maintain that machine absolutely free. From my many years supplying and servicing coffee machines in work places, I know what a headache a poorly maintained coffee machine can be. Wasted hours of staff time and thousands of dollars on service technician fees is the added cost of not having a free maintenance contract with your coffee machine. I also know that despite the best intentions in most work places the coffee machine does not get cleaned regularly and small faults turn into break downs at the wrong time!

I know that regular site visits to clean the machine and regular servicing makes a coffee machine a lot more reliable. I also know that any coffee machine not cleaned and not serviced will fail at the least convenient time. So many of the big coffee companies are good at installing a flash coffee machine and getting you signed up to a binding contract but when it comes to service you will be waiting days for the tech who’s stuck in Sydney traffic and when they get there, you will be paying through the nose. Many of these big companies do not even have a tech service in Brisbane, they use contract techs who benefit from your coffee machine break downs.
Because Outwest Coffee Machines is local, because we are owner operated, because we care about our customers and because we build the maintenance of your machine into the deal – we do more than any other company to ensure your coffee machine is always reliable and makes great coffee. If you have an unreliable Coffee Machine that is costing staff time and expensive service fees, then talk to us about a solution, a local solution that really works.

If you have been sold a flash European Coffee Machine without any free ongoing maintenance. If this machine has become the frustration of everyone in the office, especially the person who’s been given the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning it (probably you) – then before you reach the point of throwing this expensive Italian gizmo out the window! Review our Corporate Service Contracts and give us a call. It’s about the service not the flash brochure!

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