Help My Delonghi Infuser is stuck, I mean really stuck!

Delonghi Coffee Machine Stuck Infuser or Brew Unit DIY Fix

Sometimes the Delonghi infuser or brew unit can become stuck in the incorrect position and can not be removed. It should home itself and there are various reasons why it may not, none of which I am getting into here. This is just about how to get it out when all else has failed. All else being Like turning it on and off again and inserting trays correctly, manually adjusting piston etc. So what I am saying is fiddle first, there should be a simple solution. If fiddling is not working its time for tough love and the not so simple solution. Perhaps the drive motor is dead or the piston is stuck.

Here the other way to get the infuser out on a Delonghi Machine;

Note ESAM models allow Function Testing which can enable the brew unit to be driven up and down. See here…

  1. Empty the beans, waste and water tank as they will spill during step number 2.
  2. Turn the machine on its side and locate the Tamper proof pin hex screws. These are designed to stop people like you getting in there and doing what we are about to do. But they are just a speed bump. You can get the pin hex driver bits from any hardware store. If you do not have any, stop now as this will be frustrating. Take a better photo than mine and get the hex socket.

I should say at this point. You can actually get access to the small motor drive wheel through the back. However if the infuser is really really stuck like this one, then more leverage is required to move the bloody thing. So to all you smart arses with lots of time to write to me to point this out. Does this explain why i dod it this way?

Delonghi stuck infuser

Delonghi Machine on its side so bottom panel can be removed.


3. Now you have the screws removed, take the bottom panel off. Beware of cockroaches at this point. You will see the drive belt. Slip this off and be careful these belts are expensive.

4. With the belt off, wind the drive cog around until the brew unit comes back into home position. As you do
feel for it to come loose. Thats it out. Now reverse your actions and put it all back together. You can now work on the infuser or replace the motor etc.

Later I am going to go into the causes for the brew unit not to home. There are several different causes on different machine

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