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    Bryce Rigg

    Hi there, we have a Breville BES980 Oracle on a boat that is in a remote part of WA so it’s not ideal to send in for repairs. The machine has 2 problems.

    Problem 1 – It intermittently (more often than not now) gets to 81 degrees when warming up then takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes to get to temperature. It sometimes gets to temp quicker if you turn it off at the wall and on again but this doesn’t always work. I have gone through all of the temp issue guides on this site. The Steam boiler thermal fuse is giving a reading of 46 ohms. Two probes had very very minor scale (nothing that looked to cause any problems) on them which was cleaned off. The scale was more of a dullness to the shine on the probes than scale. The hose to the steam boiler was removed and blown through with no issue so no blockage there. All o – rings on both boilers were soft and supple. I re-greased and returned but plan on replacing them all when I order the parts to fix this issue. There appears to be no leaks around any of the probes from the o-rings. I’m suspecting Triac board and or coffee pump or steam. Which brings me to the next problem.

    Problem 2. After putting it all back together, a pump is continuously running. First attempt at turning the machine back on, it got to temperature with no issues and in a timely manner. I pressed the hot water button and it started giving hot water. Some air was released when the hot water was running then it was fine. I steamed a jug of water to 65 degrees with no issue and even pulled a decent cup of coffee but once the coffee stopped pulling, one of the pumps continued to run. I turned it off at the wall for a minute or so and back on and it started heating up again and stopped at 81 degrees. The pump was still running continuously. I pulled the water tank out and checked the spring valve at the bottom which released water when pressed so I don’t think that’s the issue.

    Any guidance on what could be causing these two problems would
    Be greatly appreciated.

    Bryce Rigg

    Ok, so on further inspection I checked the boards after reading your repair on the 900 “coffee pump stuck on”. The Triac for the coffee pump is blown apart hence the pump remaining on permanently. New board required. I’d rather take my chances replacing it than replacing the Triac!! Would this board have any bearing on the intermittent heating problem no1 mentioned above or would that fault be related to the Triac mounted to the underside of the lid of the machine or am I way out on that problem?! If I could add photos to this forum I would upload one of the blown Triac!

    The fault codes on the machine are below. It may or may not be worth mentioning that I have since reset them and then made a coffee to rival that of a brand new machine! After making the coffee and steamed the milk, all codes read 0 still.

    Codes before resetting them:
    20 – 05
    21 – 99
    22 – 01
    23 – 99
    24 – 01
    25 – 02
    26 – 01
    30 – 08


    I’d check the thermostat band to see if it’s rusty, and the probes around the right way and connected properly (problem1) then if the steam boiler was emptied the pump will run for a long time to fill it back up (problem2)
    Other than this we start running into split boiler seams when hot causing loss of steam inside the machine, not coming to temperature and blowing the Triac board.
    From memory 23 is communications error and high counts are usual, 21 is a little different, maybe probes but I’m guessing, I’d seriously have to go into work to check that one.
    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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