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Bryce Rigg

Ok, so on further inspection I checked the boards after reading your repair on the 900 “coffee pump stuck on”. The Triac for the coffee pump is blown apart hence the pump remaining on permanently. New board required. I’d rather take my chances replacing it than replacing the Triac!! Would this board have any bearing on the intermittent heating problem no1 mentioned above or would that fault be related to the Triac mounted to the underside of the lid of the machine or am I way out on that problem?! If I could add photos to this forum I would upload one of the blown Triac!

The fault codes on the machine are below. It may or may not be worth mentioning that I have since reset them and then made a coffee to rival that of a brand new machine! After making the coffee and steamed the milk, all codes read 0 still.

Codes before resetting them:
20 – 05
21 – 99
22 – 01
23 – 99
24 – 01
25 – 02
26 – 01
30 – 08

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