These little Spanish made machines don’t use a traditional heat exchanger but rather have 2 massive dedicated boilers. The coffee boiler (front of machine) is PID controlled. The steam boiler is fitted with a cheap pressure switch, which regulates pressure. On the older models the system heats the steam boiler first and then switches voltage to the coffee boiler via the pressure switch and PID controller. Its a good system. I got very consistent coffee water temperatures.

Twin Boilers dedicated to coffee and steam, make this an attractive machine for a coffee snob

Anyway this unit was producing no hot water. The hot water comes from the bottom of the steam boiler. The process I followed was not rocket science. I Just followed the line back checking for blockages. You will note I serviced the hot water tap (replaced the seal and re-greased). I also took the opportunity to flush the steam boiler. Note the colour of the water. I cleaned out a ton of scale. I achieved this by feeding clean water in via the water level probe mounting hole and venting it out the hot water outlet.
Theloss of hot water was caused by a build up of scale in the steam boiler at the hot water outlet. I also cleaned the pipe as it was full of scale.

I rate these machines, despite the fact that they have an Ulka pump. They are a step above the heat exchanger machines that struggle to produce consistent shot temperatures. Flushing the steam boiler like this is a good maintenance procedure on any coffee machine.
Find parts for Expobar Coffee Machines here

With the machine on its side and the hot water pipe removed, its possible to clean the scale out of the outlet
Flush the steam boiler by running fresh water in and draining the boiler until the water runs clear.
Look at the colour of that water.
Check the tap washers and replace if worn like this one

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