The error log in the Breville Machines is very useful in diagnosing faults. For some reason they are a secret and not meant to be disclosed. But it’s a poorly kept secret as I see them all over online forums. So not to be outdone I’ll mention a few of the common ones we see on the machines and what they tell us about the machine and how to get into them.

Error Messages that just appear

The most common error you are likely to see on the BES 980 is the “Err“, this may just appear and the machine will not function. You can turn it on and off, or bang the machine but the error will persist. It refers to the NTC on the steam wand being open circuit. You may be able to resolve this error by cleaning the wand or untwisting the NTC sensor. But this will only be a temporary solution. The steam wand is cactus and will need to be replaced.
There is one other code that may appear ‘Coer‘, this is usually resolved as part of the regular servicing. Breville recommend a software update, Ive never needed to do this.

How to Access the Fault Log

As Iv’e said these Breville Machines have a Black Box, well kind of, which can be very useful when diagnosing faults. To demonstrate it, a YouTube video would make life easier. But he’s my best written instruction. To get into the menu, with the machine off, but powered at the wall socket, press and hold the “one cup” and “two cup” buttons and then press the “power button”. You will hear a beep and the machine will enter Service Mode.

The software version will be displayed along with Fr.

Now you press the ‘Select’ Encoder button, it will be lit up. And by dialling through this you will be able to scroll through all the errors in the log.

There are 32 errors and they appear as the error number followed by the number of times that error has occurred. So the machine pictured below is showing error number 22 has occurred zero times. I will go though some of the important errors once I have told you how to reset the error list.

To reset the errors, simply scroll through errors right past number 32 until ‘ErSt’ is displayed, them press and hold the ‘select’ button for 3 seconds (it will be lit up) and the error log will be reset to zero, a beep will indicate success. This is useful if you want to capture a fresh fault. The cup count will not be reset nor will stored recipes be deleted.

The Common Errors we see in the Workshop

Error 23 – Coffee pump. This error indicates the coffee pump has been activated but limited clicks have been detected on the flow meter. So water is not moving. This is a common error associated with a failing coffee pump. You may also notice the pre infusion is no longer flowing. Replace the pump.

Error 26 – Steam boiler NTC over temp. This is usually associated with a leak around the steam probe. Steam venting from the steam probe insertion port will cause this issue. It may also be a more serious issue with the triac locked on and over heating the steam boiler. You find that the steam boiler thermal fuse is open circuit and needs replacing as will the triac board.
Associated with a Triac fault are high temp alerts for the coffee boiler (error 25) and block high temp alert (error 27. Remember this fault may present as the machine not reaching temp as a thermal fuse may be open.

Error 30 – Grinder Motor times out, often resolved by cleaning the tamp fan and cleaning the grinder, buffing the blades and re calibrating the grinder. This flag comes up more frequently as the grinders age. Replacing the grinder is the best solution. Consider this action after 6000 cups. replacing the grinder blades may also improve the quality of your coffee.

Error 20 – The steam pump is being activated but timing out as the high water probe on the steam boiler has failed to detect water (closed circuit). You will have a cold steam boiler. So check the steam pump is running by removing the high level (red) probe and listening for the steam pump to start. If it does check for scale in the inlet line from the steam pump. Finally the steam pump may need replacing. And of course clean your water level probes.

Error 21 – This error is usually associated with a descale attempt and it indicates the high level probe is detecting water but the low level probe is not. Clean your probes. Try flushing the steam boiler. This issue is usually resolved by taking these actions.

Other error codes that we get asked about include Error 18, steam boiler NTC not responding. Probable Open thermal fuse, or potentially an element failure.

Error 24 – this error indicates the coffee pump has been in operation and no water has been detected on the coffee boiler probes. This is a Coffee line problem which may be a pump, a leak or a dirty probe.


  • Hi.
    I have a Sage Oracle and I get the Coer error code on the machine.
    You write that is a more serious error and I need to get a software update. Do you know if I do it myself or need to send it to the manufacturer?


    • This is a misdiagnosis by the machine. Coer will generally display when the group head heater is going over temperature very slowly. The system sees this and for some reason diagnoses it as a communications problem, not sure why.
      As per usual the fix is replacing the steam boiler o-rings and the triac board (the triac board being the main issue here but the steam boiler o-rings are the cause). A software update will very, very rarely resolve this.

  • I have a oracle replaced level probes ntc steam boiler and triac pcb it will heat sometimes then other times I won’t go above 70 and getting error code 18

  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this article and the info.
    Mine has got the “err” upon turning it on. When I checked the menu it showed err 15 which I believe is the Steam Wand.
    Do you think I can only replace the NTC by any chance? Or should be the whole wand assembly?


    • We usually resolve this issue by replacing the complete wand. The NTC sensor is not available as a spare and would be difficult to replace. I have on one occasion found the NTC cable kinked in the machine which has caused the issue. So worth checking that the cable is ok and its plugged into the board correctly before you purchase a new wand.

  • Hi all,
    I have an issue where the grinder goes on too long and eventually times out with the stopped message and logs an E30 error ‘Grinder Motor operate timeout’ happens with or without beans in the hopper and still happens with the burrs removed. I did notice the tamper motor turns at the beginning of the grind then stops and doesn’t come back on causing the ground coffee to build up above the tamper. Does anyone know what gives the signal to stop the grinder?

    Any help appreciated.

  • On my Oracle Touch, I have an error ER27 which I understand is the Group Head overheating. The symptoms are tha machine powers on without giving an error code. Temps rise to required temp for steam and steam appears to be OK but wont work when pressed.(Get a beep but no steam), the Boiler temp rises to the required 93 degrees C and stabilises BUT the power light doesn’t stop flashing and the Brew Temp display never turns green – keeps saying heating despite being at temp. Interestingly, when machine is plugged in to the socket and socket is on, but machine is powered off (ie in standby) the Group Head is getting HOT. Any ideas?

    • Have the exact same error and symptoms. Were you able to fix it? If so, how?

  • Hi all,

    When using the steam wand on my Oracle BES980BKS it short circuited and switched off. Once turned back on the main coffee boiler works fine however the steamer when I turn on you hear a hollow pump pop with no action.

    Any suggestions on what this could be? Thanks in Advance!

  • I have a Barista Touch (BES 880) – water has been leaking under the drip tray (don’t think from the drip tray) onto the bench. When i put it into service mode the only error that came up was ER14 flow meter count (operation). what does this error mean and what if any parts need to be changed to fix this error and would this have anything to do with the leaking water. what would you suggest for the leaking water – machine is about 4yrs old and does about 6-8 coffees a day – should i change the o-rings?

    • the flow meter error means the processor is not receiving back the expected number of voltage clicks for the time the pump is running. So water is going elsewhere other than through the flow meter. You need to have a look and it is likely a leak on the water tank line. Id look sooner rather than later.

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