Traditional coffee machines, are the cafe style machine, where the ground coffee is tamped into a portafilter and then hot water from a heat exchanger is run through the shot. Steam is dispensed from a steam boiler via steam taps. There are single group right up to four group variants made by companies like Wega, Nuova Simonelli, Astoria, Laspaziale, Boema, La Marzocco, Faema, Futurmat and the list goes on.
We stock the main components for many of the brands locally here in Brisbane. We can also deliver and install if required. Please give my Team a call to discuss the servicing requirements of your traditional machine.

E61 Shower Screen
Fits E61 Group heads.
60mm x 17.5mm
200 micron dispensing pattern
Commonly found on Wega
and Futurmat.
P&H $2.50
E61 Group Seal - 1221572x56x8.5mm
Fits Astoria - CMA - ECM - Leonne - Wega - San Marina
P&H $2.50

E61 Portafilter Commercial
Bare handle
No basket or clip
P&H $13.50

Vibiemme Pressure Switch
pressure switch
Sir Pressure Switch
Designed to fit in smaller domestic machines
P&H $13.50

Rotary Vein Pump
Procon pump suitable for commercial grade coffee machines
P&H $13.50
Thermal Fuse
Resettable Thermal Fuse 145'C$7.95
P&H $4.50