Outwest Coffee Solutions Remanufacture a range of coffee machines. During the remanufacturing process, Coffee Machines are completely stripped down and rebuilt in our Sydney factory. Apart from the occasional wear mark, a rebuilt machine is like new. The internal hydraulics valves, o-rings, and pumps have been replaced. Worn tubes and plastic parts are replaced. Motors and elements are also often replaced. We warranty these machines with a new machine twelve month warranty. So this is the same warranty period offered by the manufacturer on a new machine.
We resell and lease these rebuilt machines for about a quarter of the cost of a new machine, so they offer exceptional value over a new machine. And with the twelve month new machine warranty.
Brands we rebuild include Jura, Delonghi, Necta and Saeco.

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See our blurb on the XJ9 here
These are fantastic machines, suitable for corporate environments, clubs and cafe’s. It not a common occurrence to find a used machine in this sort of condition. This unit is immaculate. We have serviced it and replaced O-rings etc.
This machine is a fantastic buy at this price.

Cup Count 3420
$1295 Inclusive with 12 month warranty – call us on 1300 786 221
Rent the machine for $29 inclusive weekly


The S9 is an easy to use and flexible automatic coffee machine. Beverages can be programmed or altered as the machine is making them to suit individual preferences. Milk is always finely foamed and very hot. Coffee is extraction is to the usual high Jura standard.

– One touch push button operation without moving your cup.
– Programmable on/off timer.
– Automatic milk frother for fresh milk.
– Built-in coffee grinder that automatically grinds up to 16 grams for double shots and mugs.
– Instant hot water for tea.
– Integrated rinsing and cleaning programs (self internal cleaning system).
– Programmable coffee strengths, coffee temperature and water levels.
– Integrated Pure Water System (high quality built-in water filter for improved coffee quality and protection of machine).
– Cup warming tray with economy mode.
– Two boilers for instant steam.
– Separate entry chute for pre-ground decaffeinated coffee.


– Dimensions: 34.5(W) x 35(H) x 39(D)cm
– Colour: Platinum.
– Water Tank 30 cups
– Coffee Bean Hopper 30 cups
– Used coffee grounds bin 16 cups

Cup Count 2834

$795 Inclusive with 12 month warranty – call us on 1300 786 221
Rental $19 Inc weekly

Necta Colibri Fresh Bean Automatic Coffee Vending Machine (rebuild 2015)

Complete with coin mech to enable coin operation, water tank and optional cup dropper. This machine is the ideal solution for getting fresh bean coffee in your club or work place. Cappuccino, Latte, Mochaccino, Espresso, Long black, Hot chocolate this machine does them all.
Built by Necta an Italian industry leader in commercial automatic vending machines. The colibri is probably the most popular coffee vending machine ever made.
This machine grinds beans freshly and uses a freeze dried milk powder, so it makes a decent cup of coffee. The Colibri has excellent extraction just like a cafe espresso. A nice crema is produced. The machine also has a hot chocolate canister so mochaccino and hot chocolate is also vended.
The machine vends, espresso, long black, cappuccino, latte, flat white, mochaccino and hot chocolate depending on how you program it.

It comes on a nice stand with a built in water tank, so installation is easy.

$1200 Inclusive with 12 month warranty – call us on 1300 786 221
Rent this machine for $15 weekly

Pic 1 – Back of colibri coffee machine
Pic 2 – Inside of colibri coffee machine
Pic 3 – Base of colibri coffee machine