Outwest Coffee Machines now sell parts for Merol Coffee Machines. If the part your require is not in our shop please email us with your specific request. We stock most parts for all the Merol models.

For customers outside Australia, please send us an email with your part requirements, include part number and qty required, your full name and address, including paypal name and your preferred shipping option, economy or air. We will then email you a paypal invoice the next day. We can usually get favourable freight prices.  All prices are in Australian dollars.

 For Australian customers wanting multiple items, please email your order to We will send a payapal invoice. For Australian customers the shipping is capped at $25. If you purchase multiple items on here and pay more for freight,we will refund you the difference.

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Pump Vibration
Brand: ARS Italy
230V - 50hz
Suitable for all models.
Part Number #ME02000.
P&H $9.00
LCD Screen for ME-710
merol me-710 display
colour touch screen for only ME-710.
Part No. #ME709-00102.
P&H $9.00
For the following models:
ME-709, ME-710
Part Number #ME707-01500"
P&H $13.50
Brew Unit
merol coffee machine new unit
For the following models;
ME-709 - ME-710 - ME-711-ME-712
Part Number #ME-707-01200.
P&H $18.00
Control Board
Main Control Board for ME-710
Part Number ME-709-4D020.
P&H $18.00
Thermoblock Complete
Complete thermoblock including fuses and NTC sensors for ME-710.
Part No. #ME-709-01700.
P&H $18.00
Electrovalve 2way
Complete Electrovalve and fitting for ME-710.
Part Number #ME-709-0090.
P&H $8.00
Milk Frother
merol coffee machine milk brother
To fit ME-710, ME-712.
Part Number #METF-9000.
P&H $4.00
Transmission Motor
merol motor
To fit all models.
Part Number #METF-9001.
P&H $8.00
Water Tank
Complete water tank and float magnet for ME-710.
Part Number #ME-709-00500.
P&H $13.00
Water Sensor Switch
water level sensor
Reed Switch for Water Tank. Commonly fail.
Suitable for all models.
Part Number #ME-4p023
P&H $3.00
NTC Sensors
etc sensor for merol coffee machine
Suitable for all models.
Part Number #ME-707-4p025.
P&H $3.00
Door and Waste Sensors & Harness
merol coffee machine parts
Door switch and 2 reed switches for sensing.
Part number #ME-707-4p022
P&H $8.00
Water Tank Magnetic Float
Magnetic Float
part number ME-707-20502
P&H $2.00
Water Intake Kit
me-710 merol coffee machine part
Commonly leak
P&H $4.00
Bean Dreg Box
merol coffee machine part
Fits ME-710.
Part Number #ME-707-02300.
P&H $8.00
Drip Tray
Fits ME-710.
Part Number ME-709-00102
P&H $13.00
Seal Oring Kit
Fits all models
P&H $2.00