Necta Brio3


The Brio 3 is a larger capacity machine that delivers fresh bean coffee using a freeze dried granulated milk product. It also vends chocolate and other powdered beverages. Despite it’s large capacity it still fits on a bench and looks stylish in any company kitchen. The Brio 3 Espresso is equipped with a high-tech grinder and brewer designed to maximize coffee-making quality.

Offers; Short Black, Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Moccacino, Hot Chocolate, Soup Hot Water

Easy user interface – 2 pre selections and 12 selection buttons
Large capacity – holds 300 cups, up to 7 soluble ingredients canisters with different volumes and larger perfectly balanced waste containers
Larger waste containers means less servicing during the day
Can be plumbed or use a water tank and pump kit
Fresh bean grinder or available as instant unit
Easy to clean with automatic rinse cycle
Dimensions: 760Hx 540w x 585d

$25+gst weekly (rebuilt machine) – no contract.
$45+gst weekly (brand new machine) – 3 year contract.
This machine may be provided free in high volume sites (30 or more cups daily)

Jura X9


The ideal solution for a Cafe Style Coffee in larger offices. These machines grind beans and froth the milk to make a perfect cafe style coffee at the touch of a button. Twin grinders and larger capacity water and waste containers give this machine the edge on busier locations.
These machines are the best and have a price tag to match but we have a number of re-manufactured machines on offer so can beat any other deal you are likely to be offered on a quality coffee solution.

Water tank capacity 5 L
Coffee grounds container (servings) 40
Numbers of bean containers 1
Capacity of bean container with aroma preservation cover 600 g
Cable length 1.1 m
Voltage 220:240
Current 10 amp
Power 1500 Watt
Accounting systems compatible
Stand-by power 0.5 Watt
Weight 20.5 kg
Width 43 cm
Heigth 58.5 cm
Depth 51 cm

$29+gst weekly (rebuilt machine) – no contract.
This machine may be provided free in high volume sites (30 or more cups daily)

Necta Kiko


The Kikko Max is a fresh bean coffee machine for vending coffee and other hot beverages at public sites.The Kikko Max can have up to 7 product canisters with four different capacities. It can offer a wide variety of drinks. It can be fitted with coin mechanism and note reader for vending. This machine has a cup dropper for automated delivery of beverages.

Ideal for a large office or workplace or public domain like hospitals and universities
Easy to use
Easy to refill and clean
6 product canisters – Fresh Bean
7 product canisters – Instant
Wide drink selection
Dimensions: 540w x 650d x 1830h

$48+gst weekly (rebuilt machine) – no contracts. This machine may be provided free in high volume sites who use Outwest product or supplied or as a coin operated service. Free fortnightly Servicing many also apply.