- Sleek contemporary design to suit and office or show room
- Perfect coffee bean grinding and extraction
-Milk pump technology = frothy warm cafe style milk
- Peace of mind, free on site servicing for 12 months*
- Free delivery and installation*

$4999 Inc

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*QLD customers only
The Koro Prime is the latest fresh milk machine from Necta,leading Italian manufactures. The Prime is an eloquent compact machine that delivers cafe style fresh bean coffee, with perfectly foamed milk. Forget what you think you know about fresh milk coffee vending machines. This machine with a milk pump is unrivalled in performance and looks.
necta colibri coffee machine

- Beans ground fresh in embedded grinder
- Powdered milk beverages
- Vends hot chocolate and moccaccino
- Peace of mind with 12 month free on site service
-Free delivery and installation

- $3999 inc

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The Colibri is probably the most popular automated coffee machine ever made. Italian made it grinds fresh beans and makes espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and moccacinos. It uses freeze dried milk, so can reduce your smoko costs substantially. Suitable for mounting on a bench top or on its custom equipped stand. The small footprint makes it perfect for even the tightest office or workplace locations.