me-712 coffee machine

Machines ship crated with free milk cleaning solution, descaler, operation manual, cleaning brush and spare infuser o-rings. All machines are tested in Australia and calibrated with 1kg of beans. It's plug and play folks!

*Twin thermoblocks for dedicated steam and coffee/water production. This means programmable water and shot temps of 74 to 90 degrees celcius and plenty of steam volume.
*Up to 10g coffee dose means better flavour coffee, just like A barista made coffee.
*Powerful conical burr grinder for better grind consistency and finer granulation. This means creams and flavour in your coffee shot.
*Quality Italian made pump for 9 bar water pressure during extraction.
*Preinfusion for better flavour.
*Touch screen interface for intuitive programming and operation.
*Coffee powder utility for a second blend or decaffe
*Energy saving timer
*300g bean hopper
*2 Litre water tank
*20 cup waste capacity
*Small footprint 45.5x 35.5x 46.5
*12 month warranty by Outwest Coffee
$795.00 Inclusive
$45 Shipping Australia Wide
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The Merol ME-712 the best automatic coffee machine under $1500.00 in Australia!
If you read my detailed review and tear down of this machine I will give you many technical reasons why this machine is simply the best value for money automatic coffee machine on the market. It's not perfect but it is the best where it counts.
Just compare it to anything else under $1500, nothing comes near it on performance.

Jura S9 One Touch Automatic Coffee machine


The Jura S9 is the best fresh milk coffee machine I’ve ever used. The quality of the beverage produced rivals a café. The extraction is great with a thick layer of flavoursome crema and the milk frothing on these Jura machines is the best. Everything is easy on these machines from the programming to cleaning and servicing. We now have a fleet of these machines ideal for placement in smaller (up to 50 cups daily) work places. Take advantage of our pay per cup offer and get a great coffee machine for the your workplace free!

One touch push button operation without moving your cup.
Automatic milk frother for fresh milk.
Built-in coffee grinder that automatically grinds up to 16 grams for double shots and mugs.
Instant hot water for tea
Integrated rinsing and cleaning programs (self internal cleaning system).
Programmable coffee strengths, coffee temperature and water levels.
Cup warming tray with economy mode.
Two boilers for instant steam.
Separate entry chute for pre-ground decaffeinated coffee

Color: Platinum
Dimensions: 34.5(W) x 35(H) x 39(D)cm
Water Tank 30 cups
Coffee Bean Hopper 30 cups
Used coffee grounds bin 16 cups
Power: 1,450 W
Pump Power: 15 Bar
Shutoff: Automatic
Voltage: 240 Volt

Get a Jura S9 for your office on a “Pay Per Cup Plan or Free on loan” – call us 1300 786 221
Rent a Jura S9 for $19 weekly or purchase a remanufactured unit for $895

See youtube demo of the Jura S9

Prima Donna Delonghi Coffee Machine


I like many people love the Prima Donna Coffee Machine. For a home, small office, board room or waiting room, this machine is the ideal solution for making café quality coffee. The Delonghi machines unlike many automatic machines deliver hot perfectly frothed milk. The milk jug is convenient as it can be stored in the fridge, so when you need to make a coffee you simply retrieve it and away you go. The coffee strength is programmable as are beverage sizes. A favourite recipe can be saved to memory.
The Prima Donna is simple to clean and has a cup warmer on top to sit cups, so it has a elegant style in the office kitchen or board room. A built in 1.8 litre tank holds fresh water so no plumbing is required. Best of all these machines are built to last, I have customers who have these machine with cup counts in the many thousands, but they truck on. Programmed with power saving functions this machine is a good fit for the small office.

Functions: Espresso, Cappuccion, Latte, Flatwhite, Long Black, Hot water
Fresh beans
Power consumption 1350 W
Heating element 1 Thermoblock
Pressure 15 bars
Water tank 1,8 Lt
Water tank empty Electronic
Height 282 mm, Width 374 mm, Depth 441 mm, Weight 11,4 kg
Voltage 220 / 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Get a Delonghi Prima Donna for your office on a “Pay Per Cup Plan or Free on loan” – call us 1300 786 221
Rent a Delonghi for $19 weekly or purchase a remanufactured unit for $750

Pod Machine for Home and Office


The Podstar is a retro styled coffee machine that delivers great espresso and milk coffees in a small footprint. With the addition of a steam arm the user can make perfect cappuccinos and lattes. Built to last this machine is a pod machine to give many years service. The machines comes with a selectable dose to allow individual preferences to be catered for.

Functions: Coffee / Hot water / Steam
Pods/Capsules container up to 15
Power consumption 1250 W
Heating element 1 Thermoblock
Coffee Thermostat Electronic control
Steam Thermostat Electronic control
Water tank 1,5 Lt
Water tank empty Electronic
Automatic dosage Yes (Lux Version)
Height 330 mm, Width 220 mm, Depth 290 mm, Weight 7,0 kg
Voltage 220 / 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Get a Podstar for your home or office on a “Pay Per Cup Plan or Free on loan” – call us 1300 786 221
Rent a Podstar for $15 weekly or purchase a new machine for $750