MEROL ME-712me-712 coffee machine


The Merol ME-712 the best automatic coffee machine under $1500.00 in Australia!
If you read my detailed review and tear down of this machine I will give you many technical reasons why this machine is simply the best value for money automatic coffee machine on the market. It's not perfect but it is the best where it counts.
Just compare it to anything else under $1500, nothing comes near it on performance.

*Twin thermoblocks for dedicated steam and coffee/water production. This means programmable water and shot temps of 74 to 90 degrees celcius and plenty of steam volume.
*Up to 10g coffee dose means better flavour coffee, just like A barista made coffee.
*Powerful conical burr grinder for better grind consistency and finer granulation. This means creams and flavour in your coffee shot.
*Quality Italian made pump for 9 bar water pressure during extraction.
*Preinfusion for better flavour.
*Touch screen interface for intuitive programming and operation.
*Coffee powder utility for a second blend or decaffe
*Energy saving timer
*300g bean hopper
*2 Litre water tank
*20 cup waste capacity
*Small footprint 45.5x 35.5x 46.5
*12 month warranty by Outwest Coffee
$595.00 Inclusive
$45 Shipping Australia Wide
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gaggia classic

gaggia classic coffee machine


The Gaggia Classic - A Machine I had to Stock!
There are some coffee machines that their owners rave about and the Gaggia Classic is one of them. Unlike the big brand name domestic machines made in China, these Italian made classics last forever and are reliable. And at this price is the best value manual machine on the market.

Product Features
Material: stainless steel.
Hot water & steam nozzle.
Button interface.
Concurrent brews.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H): 230 mm x 240 mm x 380 mm.
Weight: 8 kg.
Water tank capacity: 2,1 L.
Frequency: 50 Hz.
Power: 1300 W.
Pressure: 15 bar.
Voltage: 230 V.
Boiler: anodized.
Model: SIN 035