Terms and Conditions of Capped Price Servicing

– Capped price servicing only applies to DeLonghi, Saeco, Breville, Merol, Wega, Gaggia, Sunbeam and all Traditional machines under 5 years old.

– Our technicians reserve the right to exclude machines thats are damaged beyond normal wear and tear or extensively scale damaged. In such cases you will be issued a quotation fee of $45 and provided a quotation for repair.

– The quotation fee is deductible from your service cost, should you choose to repair the machine.

– Minor parts include o-rings, descaling solution, connectors etc.

– Major parts are Grinders, pumps, thermoblocks, boilers, brew units.

– The capped price represents the most you will pay, you may well be charged less. Ninety percent of my service charges come in between $110 to $180, we try our best to keep costs down.

– Why is Jura not on the list. Jura parts are very expensive. We have a lot of experience with Jura machines but Jura’s policy of restricting access to parts ensures servicing is expensive on these machines.

– Call out charges apply for our mobile repairs.