Jura Error 8 and how to service a Jura Brew Unit

If you own a Jura Coffee Machine, you need to be aware that the brew unit should be removed at least every year or you risk damaging the drive motor or the brew unit jamming up. Not to mention poor tasting coffee. Look at the picture below of a typical Jura brew unit, all jammed up. This one came up with the classic Error 8 message.

jura brew unit needs cleaning Jura coffee machines are frustrating in that it is not possible for the user to remove the brew unit and clean it. Not without the security key. It is assumed by Jura that the owner is willing to ship their machine off at great expense and have the brew unit serviced. I say do it yourself before greater damage is done.
You will need to remove the security screws and throw them away, replace them with regular screws. Once you have access to the brew unit, it can easily be removed. You will need to completely disassemble the brew unit and replace the o-ring piston seals and lube the moving parts. This is easier said than done and I suggest you watch one of the videos on youtube demonstrating this. It can be very difficult re inserting the floating piston, there is a trick to it. Trust me if you get it wrong the brew unit will jam constantly. If you have limited patience you can send the brew unit to us for service.

You will also need to clean and possibly replace the dump valve or drainage valve. This is the valve at the bottom of the brew unit that releases excess water into the drip tray at the end of a shot. These are prone to blocking and leaking causing sloppy pucks. You will notice a little white button on this dump valve that gets engaged by a pin that causes the valve to open at the end of the shot. You

jura brew unit

may have heard the buzz of the solenoid activating the pin at the end of a coffee shot. You can often get away with just giving the dump valve a good clean. Test it by blowing through it with your finger blocking the piston that feeds into the brew chamber, while blowing depress the white pin and air should now flow the other way and out the drain tube.
If on doubt replace it. We stock Jura parts here

jura drainage valve