Pay per Cup – Café Quality Coffee for your Clients and Staff

This is our most popular workplace coffee solution. We install the machine for free, maintain and clean the machine for free. All our machines are monitored via the internet so we dispatch the consumables before you even know you need them. You just pay per cup for the coffee you use. The more you use the cheaper the price per cup. This is a great solution to get a trouble free cafe quality coffee service in your workplace. We have a range of machines to suit all requirements. Small fresh milk machines for small offices to large vending machines for factories.
The real advantages of this system is you know what the machine is costing you per cup. its easy to project your costings, there are no hidden costs. You can have a free coffee machine and free service for as little as .31c/cup. No other company comes near this pricing or this service.

  • Free ongoing maintenance and site visits to clean and calibrate machine
  • No multiple invoices just one invoice at the end of the month for the cups you have consumed
  • Top quality machines, Delonghi, Jura, N&W Necta and Saeco
  • No binding contracts just an agreement, you can leave at any time
  • Quality award winning fresh roast Arabica “Rocket Coffee” provided
  • No hidden costs – you just pay per cup consumed, the more you consume the cheaper it gets
  • Internet monitored machines means reduce costs and better service

This is a great service and value. A coffee machine is only appreciated if it is reliable and makes good coffee. You can purchase or rent a flash machine but if its not maintained it will quickly fall over and be more trouble than it’s worth. Our pay per cup solution is a great solution for any West Sydney business or organisation.

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  • Is there a minimum number of cups we need to consume monthly?
    The minimum number of cups you need to consume is 5 per day, which is about 130 cups monthly. We match the machine to the location, so a quiet site gets a smaller machine. But unlike other free coffee machine deals, there is no minimum amount of beans you need to purchase. So you don’t end up with cupboards full of beans you will never use.
  • How good is the coffee out of your machines?
    We only use the best coffee equipment by Jura, Delonghi and Saeco. The milk foam quality is superior to other cheap coffee machines. We use an award winning coffee blend and our beans are roasted fresh. We tune the grind monthly. You will rave about the coffee out of our machines.
  • I have found coffee machines to be a real pain in the past, what is different about your machines?
    We are a local coffee machine service company, we know coffee machines. And we have been in this business a long time. We know our customers often don’t have the time to clean and descale the machine correctly. So we visit the machine monthly to clean and descale it for you. And we know a coffee machine needs to be serviced and calibrated regularly to make great coffee and be reliable. We take care of this too. Bust sites we will visit more frequently.
  • Can I opt to purchase or rent a machine?
    Absolutely, if renting or purchasing a machine suits your situation better then this can be arranged.
  • What is the minimum time I am obligated to have a machine?
    We ask that you keep the machine for a month at least. There are no contracts so all we require is a warning before we call to do the monthly cleaning that you no longer require the machine.
  • Why does this deal sound so much better than other companies offers?
    Because we are a local owner operated business offering a good value coffee solutions for local customers. we are also the only company with Internet enabled machines.

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