Caffeine Fix Rewards Program for Domestic Customers

Modern coffee machines are complicated beasts at their heart is a micro controlling valves and regulating temperature. Over time O-rings perish causing leaks and loss of pressure, scale builds up in boilers and blocks valves and elements corrode. Regular service is essential to ensure reliability and avoid expensive unscheduled Pitt stops.
Servicing of Coffee Machines can be an expensive business,especially if you leave things deteriorate. So we have a win/win offer for our customers. When you purchase your coffee pods, coffee beans and other consumables from us you earn “Caffeine Fix Points”. These points are redeemable for service. So every time you make a purchase from us you accrue points towards a discount on your next service. Your total points are displayed on your invoice and held in our system. If your a normal coffee drinker your regular services will be labor free. We think this is a great deal.
So enjoy our award winning Coffee blends and keep your machine in top shape by joining our Caffeine Fix Rewards Program.

Join our Caffeine Fix Rewards Program by emailing us your name and machine model and make. Order your beans via email and pay via card, EFT or paypal.

120 “Caffeine Fix Points” buys you a labor free coffee machine service. Each 500g bag of rocket coffee gains you 10 “Caffeine Fix Points”.